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AHA” MOMENT: I’m Stephanie, and I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. Recently, I developed my own line of traditional shampoos and conditioners. In our facility, we offer a refill/reuse program that has been highly welcomed by our customers. Through this, I have come to the realization the need for a more environmentally friendly package, that will help eliminate the need for waste. THE BIG IDEA: Eliminate plastic from our daily hair care maintenance.

This African-American History Month, we're honoring Frances Reed Elliott Davis, who helped the American Red Cross become the organization that it is today.

Plant a Bee Garden Whatever you give to the bees in pollen, they'll return in blooms and fruits Click To Tweet By providing a reliable source of pollen, planting a bee garden is an important way that you can help bolster your local bee population. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you …

In Greater St. Louis County, Missouri, McBride & Son Homes is the dominant new home builder. McBride builds new homes in West St. Louis County, North St. Louis County, South St. Louis County, Jefferson County and Mid St. Louis County. There are a variety of award winning McBride homes to select from: Row homes, Town homes, Single family homes, Luxury homes and Move up single family homes.

An appeals court just ruled that a section of Alberta impaired driving law is unconstitutional. Will the Supreme Court of Canada step in?

Need to drive with an OWI? A Louisiana hardship license will let you do that. But a new bill says that an ignition interlock is better - and that's right.

Road Safety Week has come and gone in Canada, but the message and this video showing what can happen when someone drives drunk will live on.

A Governor's signature has made the Kansas ignition interlock program tighter and stronger, by making sure all offenders keep their devices on.

No, you don't need to be weaving down the road to get a DUI. Illinois physical control laws say you can be asleep in your car and still be arrested.

The NEXT STEP Program is aimed at maintaining and improving health, wellness, and participation for individuals who have moved beyond their stroke and wish to take their next steps in life.

In Canada a jail sentence for drunk drivers could be anywhere from one year to ten. In the case of a BC man, eight years may not be long enough.

People are dying on the roads for many reasons, drugs included. But MADD wants people to understand that drunk driving is still a lethal crime.

It's a pretty important day in Mexican history, but too many people will ignore the history and drive drunk on Cinco de Mayo.

Bars that over-serve customers liquor are a problem. But the data show that repeat OWI offenders are a big part of the problem.