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If you have faith as a mustard seed -
even if one humble grain
There's not a mountain you can't remove,
a victory you can't attain.
Nothing can darken or hamper your way.
When faith lights your path, you can see clear as day.
Doubt cannot enter when you stand fast in truth.
Just begin with a mustard seed,
And you'll notice how it grows with every proof.
Remember that woman from Shunem,
whose faithfulness gained her a son.
And when death attempted…

Current gas prices nationwide are the highest they’ve been since 2014, meaning you might want to re-calculate your gas budget. This tool tells you how much you’ll spend on gas over the next year based on your car’s model and how many miles you think you’ll be driving. It also can tell you how much more you’ll spend in relation to last year.

From the Giant 16 feet Alligator to the killer sharks in the middle of golf course , Here are 7 Strange Animal Encounters On Golf Course

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By The Goddard School • January 29th, 2014
By Jack Maypole, MD
Gravity sucks (well, actually, it pulls). If you are an infant or toddler
anyway, it remains one of the greatest challenges you face. One does not need to be a phrenologist to know that the noggins of our littlest children get bumpy as they are knocked and bonked with zillions of pratfalls and tumbles each day. The question is: when is it serious? When should these kids be seen by a…

We say, “Don’t do that,” and they do it anyway. We say, “Stop” and they continue. We say, “Pick that up” and they do so just to throw it back down again.

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Ever wonder what's going through a major winner's head during the most challenging shot at Augusta National? We sat down with Henrik Stenson to review his thought process.

Have you found it challenging to capture your preschooler’s attention these days? Many parents try speaking louder or may yell out of frustration. While yelling

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Joseph C. served 21 years in the Navy and was selected as the recipient of a new HVAC system. He is the winner and 6th installment of the AJP Cares program i...

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