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Tony and David Justin, the Reaper, took to the mud of our Metamora field to sing the praises of Altai Gear's boots. Visit Altai Boots at www.altaigea...

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Kaplan Blog | Kaplan Early Learning Company - Kaplan Early Learning Co. offers innovative products, cutting-edge curricula/assessments, resources and information for educators, caregivers and parents. - Summer is over and the first day of the new school year is quickly approaching. How can teachers help kids with their back-to-school blues?

The Winter Classic. The Big House. New Year’s Day, 2014. Snow was everywhere in Ann Arbor.

Hamtramck Firehouse has reclaimed the title over the Sterling Heights Firehouse in Srodeks 6th annual pierogi eating challenge at the American-Polish festival in Sterling Heights on Sunday, July 15.

Dr. Laura Bailet debunks the top 5 myths about formative assessments in early childhood. The article details how assessments help teachers, parents, and children.

David Reaper Justin introduces kids to the world of paintball through his personality and TiPX pistols. While at our Metamora field during the 8th annual Red...

Preventing ECE Suspensions and Expulsions
Have you heard of the term "preschool-to-prison pipeline"? As explained in " Point of Entry: The Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline " by Maryam Adamu and Lauren Hogan (2015), the term is a metaphor that represents the issue of children—especially children of color who come from low-income families—being pushed out of school and eventually ending up in prison. The practice of suspending and expelling…

Jake from Team Insanity Paintball and John from The PBfit joined us for a viewer requested Guess That Gear. All markers in this 10 round game, with an extra ...

Catch up on everything you Missed from Big Jim's House this morning including, trampoline terrors, pool hopping and much more!