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Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means: ROAD TRIP! The summer months have multiple long weekends, which are perfect for short family-friendly getaways. Also, since flight pr…

I’m known to be a bit negative about email. When you receive a few hundred of them a day, it tends to make you a little skittish, even a little depressed. Yet, it’s still my primary form of communication, especially when I’m trying to find answers to problems. In our highly digitized world, it’s amazing we still use asynchronous communication so often.

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There are some typing enthusiasts out there who are very, very picky about their keyboards. They’ll go to great lengths to customize every last feature and function so it feels perfect under their fingers. Or, in the case of Lego master builder Jason Allemann, they’ll instead use the world’s most famous plastic bricks to create a truly unique typing experience.

For nearly 150 years, BP has been contributing to America’s economy and its energy security. Today, the U.S. is central to BP’s global business, and we are committed to the economic vitality of the communities where we live and work.

I recently had the great pleasure of representing AARP on The Doctors to share some of my top caregiving tips, give away copies of my new book, Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving and tell everyone about AARP’s Random Acts of Kindness for Caregivers contest. (You can watch the segment, below.) It made me think about what I really want for Christmas this year and it’s exactly that: small kindnesses that free my time, nurture my soul and minimize the stress …

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This year we were able to expand our vocational program with a new mobile food trailer, the Rock-N-Rollin' Café, meaning more community interaction and paying jobs for our clients
Client Experiences
Donations allow our clients to experience the world beyond our residencies. Past trips have included Dorney Park, Bronx Zoo, and Atlantic City. Additionally, donations allow some of our clients to attend special camps and programs…

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Google is positioned to enter voice payments and Apple is missing the boat. Meanwhile, sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are soaring.

Women today make up fewer than 25% of the trips taken by bicycle in the United States. The solution starts with more and better bike lanes–but it’s just as much about social stigma as it is about infrastructure.

I recently spent a weekend with eight of my college roommates for our annual get-together. Through the years we’ve always shared our life events, so it came as no surprise that our conversation turned to the topic of family caregiving. Like millions of fiftysomething women in the U.S. today, my former roomies are struggling to navigate the health care system on behalf of their parents – who now turn to them for help. “Information is power,” I told them. “So let …