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Carriage Hills Animal Hospital offers luxury pet kennel & resort-style boarding services for dogs, cats, birds, & pocket pets.

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Last week, Region Vice President Adam Sartin visited associates impacted by wildfires across the state of California. “Seeing how these fires devastated the region was heartbreaking. I knew we had to do something,” Sartin says. “I’m grateful to be part of a company that takes care of and values its members like this.” In total, …

Some, although not all, cardiac problems cause changes that can be heard when a stethoscope is used. Heart murmurs in pets are one of these changes. Thankfully, the doctors at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital have the beat on just what to do when one of these abnormal sounds is heard.

The Chinese system of Feng Shui is believed to bring people into harmony with their environment. The practice uses design to manage the way chi, or energy, flows through a building. Could feng shui help draw in the perfect buyer for your home? Here are a few general tips to run by your agent.1. Ener...

Oliver Roll loves bringing big and bold ideas to life. In his first year at Cisco, he's had a chance to do just that as Chief Communications Officer. Focus Magazine recently sat down with Oliver to talk about Cisco's story, as well as his own
Focus Magazine: You're about a year into your role as Cisco's Chief Communications Officer.
Oliver Roll: That's right, it was a year on December 12th.
Focus Magazine: Tell me how this last year has been, besides going full…