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Where do I begin? Seyram has been a leader before he began grade school. He has given to his community, literally, all of his life.

WASHINGTON -- At a time when more than 400,000 children are in foster care nationwide, the city of Philadelphia is threatening to cut ties with Catholic Social Services because of

Just when you thought too many things related to Alabama were trending in the wrong direction -- government ethics, state politics, public education rankings, local crime rates -- here comes

Nehemiah 1:1-4 “The words of Nehemiah son of Hacaliah: In the month of Kislev in the twentieth year, while I was in the citadel of Susa, Hanani, one of my brothers, came from Judah with some …

The Jesus Way is a weekly devotional written by Jay Wolf, pastor of First Baptist Church Montgomery.

He's one of America's most famous funnymen, but here's what most people don't see: Kevin Hart is often in his office, running a far more ambitious comedy machine.