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How should people live long term in our state if they have a serious mental illness? The hope is that they’ll find ways to integrate into their communities

Democrat Jared Golden became the first candidate to unseat an incumbent from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in more than a century on Thursday when he

Peter Bevere, an independent candidate for Addison County state’s attorney, has officially called for a recount of last week’s election results.

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Tweet Tweet! Tweet Tweet! Oh! Are those my little animal friends coming forth through my window to wake me up for my day? No. That is your phone alarm, and you are going to be late for work. While our favorite fairytale ladies have it together in many ways–mad sewing skills, owning starter cottages, dating quality men–they would not necessarily be the best Career Girls. In addition to that somewhat obvious fact (because what princess needs a 401k), there are the ever-present Morals…

Local leaders share how The Commerce Casino has positively benefited the local community.

Potential safety hazards exist in every workplace. In some industries, just the day-to-day environment can pose serious risk to hard-working employees. Keepi...

A local disabled veteran received a new solar roof for Veterans Day thanks to dozens of volunteers and a local solar company.

With all six players fairly close in chips, they all took a look at the numbers, and agreed on the deal as proposed. Travis Tachibana had the smallest of chip leads, and as a result, he will be declared the winner. He will take home $33,560, and the trophy. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the ch

The bubble has just burst in the opening flight, and from the looks of it, it was local regular Massoud Eskandari who knocked out well known pro Chris Demaci on the direct bubble. That means that the 31 remaining players are all in the money, with the top 19 advancing. Among those still alive in t