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Metal DetailsMetal Type: White Gold
Stone DetailsTotal Stone Weight: 1 1/4CTStone Type: DiamondStone Shape: Princess, Round

Dive with Instructor Ronni this Saturday on the fastest boat in the fleet and dive the Oil Rigs for scallops on the 2th!

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*limit 4 promotional tickets per person, 2 item minimum per person. online offer only, cannot be combined with any other promotion. Offer not valid over the phone or at the door. You must arrive 1 hr before showtime to claim these promotional tickets, otherwise they may be put back on sale. Offer expires when promotional tickets run out and/or 24 hours before the show.

Fits in an Airline Overhead Bin
Available in a 4U (four bay) sub-rack chassis, the HDslim can be carried aboard commercial airliners, aircrafts, and vehicles with ease. Less than 10″ wide and 20″ deep, the HDslim has a typical system weight of 40lbs and delivers the same capabilities as a standard RES-HD 2U server—accommodating all existing and upcoming RES-HD modules
The 4U high system can accommodate up to 480TB of storage with 24 direct attached HDD/SSD drives and is powered by two 1200W…

BOOKING INTERN: Gain insight into how professional comedy shows are produced and executed! Will assist bookers with scheduling comedians for shows, provide marketing techniques and training to comedians (including social networking instructions), monitor pre-sales and encourage comedians to promote, track down comedian contact info and populate our Talent Database, and assist in Onsite Coordinating
SOUND INTERN: Learn the fundamentals of how to greet & seat guests…

Plan Your "Escape" This Sunday
(do you see what we did there)
Sunday, May 27th | 6pm
Flappers Burbank
Enjoy this complete escape room experience- Come at 6pm and have dinner and enjoy an immersive preshow and secret clues. Escape will start at 7pm to 8pm
Then stay from 8 to 8:30pm for wrap up and drinks.
Pssst. You didn't hear this from me but the crazed minds behind Fantastic Race and the Virus Room presented by Get the F Out have partnered…

The economy is fighting more gale winds now compared to half a year ago, but it just keeps sailing ahead.

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Your college application information and outcomes provides us with important data for scattergrams and PVHS graduation statistics. Your name or student number is NEVER disclosed as we guard your privacy. Please answer honestly to protect the integrity of our school

There’s something about traveling to a vacation spot by car that makes the trip special
Yes, the destination is the goal, but driving there adds another level of pleasure to the experience. It’s that connection to the road and the land. It’s the ability to get out and explore at any point along the journey.
It’s stretching your legs and grabbin’ a bite to eat at a truck stop; feeling the wind on your face, and taking pictures of your kids at state…

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The B1M | 8:29
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TECHNOLOGY is having an ever-greater impact on the construction sector. Many ideas that were once thought of as gimmicks - or even the stuff of science-fiction - are now being steadily incorporated into the mainstream industry, with new and practical applications for technology being developed at a rapid pace
Here we’ve shortlisted the 8 construction technology trends to keep your…

Auto Repair & Tires Blog
May 14, 2018
Do you know how to change a flat tire
If you do, that question may seem a little insulting. After all, there was a time when changing flat tires was just part of driving.
Now we have roadside service, run-flat tires, and Fix-a-Flat, so pulling a damaged tire and replacing it with a spare is not something most people do themselves anymore.
Still, it's good to know how to change a tire in case…

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Major Japanese construction company Shimizu Corp.showed off several robots Monday, including one already in use at construction sites that picked up a..

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