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Immunization should be an essential step in your pre-travel arrangements. Humanitarians travel where help is needed most. Often, this means going to regions that face various health threats that are different from home. Any time that you travel, you should consider this and consult a healthcare professional. The good news is that you probably already …

While using a dating app, you spark up a conversation with a girl who admits to being 15 years old. You decide to continue exchanging flirtatious texts and pictures with the girl. Then, you decide you want to meet her in person. When the time for the meeting comes, you realize it is not a … Continue reading "Is it a Crime to Set Up a Meeting with a Minor? (PC 288.4)"

Everyone deserves a little holiday cheer this time of year, so we decided to bring the magic of the holidays to these animal shelter dogs. Please visit your ...

Flappers Comedy is a comedy club venue that provides world class comedy and food, and also offers comedy workshops

The Supreme Court has upheld an RCMP order compelling VICE and reporter Ben Makuch to hand over source materials.

These Are Customer Return And Overstock Clothes . There Are Plenty Of Different Brands With A Mixture Of Men Women And Children Clothes.Some Brands May That Be Included Are: Rock & Republic , Champs, Simply Vera Vera Wang, Sonoma Life + Style, Levis, Calvin Klein, Tommy, Lee, Nike, Apt 9, Croft & Barrow, Gloria Vanderbilt, Dockers, Elle, Jennifer Lopez And Much Much More
The Pallet Can…

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Some brands that may be included are Rival, General Electric, Bunn, Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, Oster, Anchor, Sunbeam, Anchor, Keurig and more
These are customer return and overstock items from a major department store. There is a great mix of kitchenware and home decor. Items may include coffee machines, microwaves, blenders, toasters, electric…

Metal DetailsMetal Type: 10K White Gold
Stone DetailsTotal Stone Weight: 1/5 CTStone Type: DiamondStone Shape: Round

Cleveland-based Team NEO has worked with several companies and institutions to push for development of an industrial internet of things. The goal is to

In this video, Luke gives you the latest breaking news on the constant negative attention PewDiePie is getting. Why is the number 1 star on YouTube also Publ...

So, how does humanitarian group travel look on your CV? It’s an opportunity to show your compassion. But It’s also a personal growth and learning experience

In short, Duty of Care is the obligation to care for staff and volunteers. There are 2 types of Duty of Care, legal and moral. But when does each apply?

What is poverty? How can we measure it? How does poverty impact the world? What to do against poverty? Here's everything you need to know about poverty.

Health is very closely related to the wellbeing and happiness of people, and is greatly affected by factors such as changes in global and regional climate, water resource quality, food growing capacity, ecosystem health, and access to health care. The situation in poor countries can be particularly acute. But the wellbeing of inhabitants in better developed countries also proves to be vulnerable.

In last week’s column, I presented warning signs and risk factors related to Teen suicide. This is, obviously, a very serious topic. Today, we’ll look at some of the things parents can do to make a difference, and to minimize the risks.
1. Knowledge is the first step. Knowing warning signs and risk factors is essential. Issues of depression and anxiety need to be taken very seriously. Warning signs do not mean your child will attempt…

To motivate your team to achieve the highest levels of performance (and create an extraordinary organization in the process), here are the qualities you should model every day.

Watoto is a faith-based humanitarian organization that takes a holistic approach to child development. Of course, it is important that women and children in East Africa are being fed. By investing in the lives of these individuals, it is hoped to also give them a bright future. Watoto, Compassion for Orphans In 1984, Canadians Gary …

Just like any method of transportation, flying comes with certain risks. Generally speaking flying is very safe. These are 6 precautions you can make.

Slavery is thriving in Libya, where thousands of black Africans hoping to get to Europe instead find themselves bought and sold, forced to work for nothing, and facing torture at the hands of their owners.

Adam Bros. Farming recalled red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce and cauliflower "out of an abundance of caution."

Data from mobile device signals such as GSM may be an untapped resource for signals intelligence on the battlefield.

Check out these prices on Hollis and KISS rebreathers from the leaders of rebreather training and sales on the West Coast....Scuba Schools of America & Swim

Django came into the scene right as the first big wave of Rails hype was ramping up, and so it was immediately positioned as Python’s…