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The tile chosen by our client left them with a herringbone tile splash. It provides a clean, sleek look and adds character to the kitchen.

A popular trend lately has been kitchen renovations with contrasting kitchen cabinets. The color schemes vary based customer taste, but they look amazing!

Need a renovated kitchen? A+ Home Improvements works hand in hand with our clients to produce the desired results, and strive to meet your expectations.

A new tiled shower isn't always planned. This client already had a tiled shower that matched the other tile in their bathroom, but it needed help.

This was a unique situation that called for a recessed tile shower installation.While not common, some homes were built with tubs recessed into the floor.

For years, Michigan has been considered one of the leading golf destinations in the country. To experience the best, consider one of these public venues recognized by Golf Digest to be among the best golf courses in the state.

Looking for a Father's Day DIY Gift idea from the kids? How to make a Car Wash Cleaning Kit and FREE PRINTABLE car wash punch pass coupon!

Confused by and attracted to the CO2 that results from the combustion of propane, mosquitoes are sucked into and forever trapped by these devices.

A white kitchen brightens up a cooking area. The clean lines and the light color of the installed products helps broadcast light throughout the space.

Looking for a special way to spoil mom this Mother's Day? Look no further than these four propane-powered pampering tips.

As a recognized brand name, Auto-lab provides a professional approach to your car care needs. We believe that what sets us apart is the focus each of our stores place on providing complete auto repair services and the "dealer alternative".

Spring is in the air, and that means it's time for some spring cleaning tips for your propane-powered home!

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Don't lose sight of your New Year's Resolution with these healthy gas grilling tips!

Being a small-business owner is rewarding. It gives you the freedom to do what you love and to control your destiny. This appealed to Mike Jaap, who took a wealth of experience and built a metal recycling business. It paid off with exponential growth and profits. His insurance professional Bill Cassidy was there to offer him advice—unique advice he hadn't heard from his other advisors. Bill recommended that Mike put a whole life insurance policy in place to protect his family and as…