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In 35 years, Melbourne has transformed from a dying city into one of the world’s most vibrant urban centres. But it faces challenges in adapting to its rapid growth.

When “electronically stored information” or “ESI” first became a key phrase in litigation discovery, the electronic portion pertained primarily to the retention and preservation of email communicat…

The types of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) are rapidly evolving due to changes in the way people communicate. Traditional data forms such as a standard email with recognizable metadata fi…

This venerated Shinto shrine in Japan has been repeatedly torn down and rebuilt over the past 1,300 years.

Developed in 2003 by the UN, a game simulating the fictitious country Carana is helping organisations to build skills and test approaches to combat fragility, conflict, and violence.

Here's the business and tax information you'll need to know about selling your handmade and handcrafted goods for profit.

Electronic discovery is a $2 billion-plus industry, and e-discovery professionals are at the heart of it. Find out more about these tech-savvy legal experts.

Some marketers live on islands. They sit alone, putting marketing messages into bottles and throwing them into the sea, hoping something will come back. They’re isolated. Stranded.
Other marketers have discovered one of the great secrets in content marketing. They’ve learned…Read More ›

Modern humans have existed for at least 300,000 years - but new evidence shows they left Africa earlier than we thought.

Trust in media sources worldwide has dropped over the past decade. The task of rebuilding it will not succeed if we leave it to the media to be the gatekeepers - that task must fall instead to us, the consumers

While we face a number of daunting problems, let's not throw in the towel on building a better world, writes Robert Muggah.

Liz Dunn of Pro4ma and Tom Forte of D.A. Davidson and Company joins CNBC's "Closing Bell" to discuss Amazon Prime Day's impact on online retailers.

Many employers have offices in multiple states, but want to have one form of employee agreement prohibiting solicitation of employees and customers. Since some state laws, namely California, may be…

Speakers from our recent panel on longevity share their insights into the feasibility and ethics of extending our lifespans.

Options to fight infringement of your copyright range from writing a cease-and-desist letter to filing a lawsuit.

Amazon is counting down to its July Prime Days. Sucharita Kodali, retail analyst at Forrester Research, and Tom Forte, D.A. Davidson senior research analyst, join "Squawk Box" to discuss.

An well-known conservationist, the natural resources lead at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a respected elk migration researcher headline an impressive group of keynote speakers that will address the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s 2019 Elk Camp.

Published in 2013, the novel tackles the topic of e-waste in the Guangdong province of China. The author was one of The World Economic Forum's cultural leaders at the Annual Meeting of New Champions 2019.

The study also suggests that reforesting such a large area wouldn't impact our capacity for growing and farming food.

On Amazon’s 25th anniversary, Kiplinger magazine takes a look at key stocks that are faring well even with the e-commerce giant as competition. Tom Forte, Institutional Research Analyst for D.A. Davidson, weighs in for the article, “8 Sto

Amazon is celebrating its 25th birthday. Professor of marketing, Venkatesh Shankar, looks at the ways it has made an impact.

And the new top level domain names just keep on coming. As our readers may know, ICANN, the organization that operates the internet domain name system, authorized the launch of the New gTLD Program…

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" Since 1992, Beal Law Firm has been handling…

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Consider negotiating with your seller over repair needs that are revealed during the escrow period
The last thing that you want as a home buyer is a surprise when it comes to the condition of the house that you one day hope to live in. Unfortunately, however, surprises arise often during property sales. One of the most frustrating surprises for both buyers and sellers occurs when the buyer’s home inspector discovers a previously unknown defect in the property.
Home defects can…

It wasn’t until the 2010s that hardcore and shoegaze truly became siblings. There were weirdo acts in the ’90s, of course, like Swirlies (a noise-poppy shoegaze…

Currently, economies representing more than 17% of the world's GDP have committed to net-zero emissions targets. But there's still a way to go.

On June 20, 2019, more than six years after the case was first set into motion by the Relator, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland announced in a press release that Hart t…

It's been more than a year since Mesa Vista hit the market at $250 million and it's still active on the market. There hasn't event been a price reduction in that time.

The English courts have traditionally been a popular forum for defamation claims, not least because English law allows even non-residents who have minimal reputation in the UK to sue for defamation…

CNBC's "Squawk Alley" team discusses the outlook for FANG stocks with Brent Thill, senior analyst at Jefferies, and Tom Forte, senior analyst at D.A. Davidson.

On May 22, 2019, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a significant new assisted living licensure bill into law. Previously in Minnesota, assisted living facilities were required to register with the…

DJ Short got a moment with Neil Frances when they stopped in for a show in June. Listen to the full interview here!

The nearly 18,000-acre property features 12 single-family homes, a hilltop chapel and a private grass airstrip.

Treating the rise in non-communicable diseases could be made easier if 'bench and bedside' finally starting collaborating.

In the summer months, immaculate gardens come into their own - but they could be harming biological diversity.

ASEAN's internet population is growing by 125,000 citizens each day, making it the fastest-growing internet market in the world. How can business and government unlock the social and economic potential of ASEAN’s digital age
On the Forum Agenda
- Adapting national regulations to support the digital economy
- Designing targeted digital business plans for the region
- Assessing China's role in shaping ASEAN’s digital development