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There’s a giant new rooster in town, and if you’re driving along Highway 10 just west of Missoula International Airport it’s tough to miss.

This summer, in the Northern Rocky Mountains, hear extraordinary choral music brought to you by the International Choral Festival.

Rafting in Missoula is a thrilling experience. If you like the idea of rafting but you could do without the rapids, not to worry. There are plenty of easy-living, floatable stretches on all three of our local rivers.

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Let Drew know we appreciate everything that was done while he was executive director of the Lynn Museum!
All proceeds from this event will be used to continue our important programs.
As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of donors (like you!) to keep us going.

The Drew Russo Appreciation Night
June 20, 2019
During Drew’s tenure as executive director of the Lynn Museum, we instituted many new programs. The History Detectives program for third graders started in 2015 with just a few schools; now we’ve had all but one of city’s public elementary schools included and, this year, the program has grown to include the third graders from the city’s…

A doctor or hospital visit can be a difficult experience for patients on the autism spectrum. Dr. Wendy Ross, a 2014 Top 10 CNN Hero, is now working with fellow physicians to provide 'autism-friendly' care.

A free orthopedic bone and joint health seminar, hosted by Providence Health Care in Spokane, WA.

Liposuction, or Lipoplasty, types of liposuction, procedure costs, potential risks, recovery time and view before and after photos.

Also this Saturday, in preparation for our upcoming exhibit, "Untold Stories: A History of Black People in Lynn," we will have a videographer on site at the museum on May 4th from 2pm-5pm
If you have a connection to the Black community in Lynn, whether your family has been here for generations or if you are a newcomer to Lynn, we NEED your stories! Have your memories recorded on video just like Lillie Jones (pictured) did a few weeks ago.
Without the community,…

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Running an online website and business is hard. So hard in fact that nearly a decade …

Learn about laser skin resurfacing treatments and procedures, including the different types of lasers used, costs, risks, recovery and results.

The Syrian conflict has been a massively disruptive force in the Middle East, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and the displacement of many millions more.

From free care products to generous parenting policies, here's what makes Sweden, Denmark and Norway such great places to raise kids.

Swelling is a common side effect of plastic surgery. Learn more about swelling and plastic surgery in this overview from Dr. Hardy.

News about coffee has been mixed in recent years, with some studies showing positive benefits and others showing risks. Learn the truth about caffeine.

Building an online business is kind of like building a house. Analogies aside, your ecommerce platform is truly one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you ...

“It’s the sum of the parts and the individuals don’t count as much as what you do to make everyone sound good. If that’s not a great model for working in a business, I don’t know what is.”

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Plastic surgeon Stephen P. Hardy discusses the average timeline and what you can expect during facelift recovery.

By: Avista Connect Team
From a hospital bed in the pediatric intensive care unit at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, 5-year-old Levi Kimberling was baptized by a chaplain just five minutes before being put on life support. His parents, Jill and Randy, wanted to make sure he would be in God’s hands and taken care of if he never opened his eyes again
“We felt like we were signing his life away, the chances were so low to survive,” said Jill Kimberling.
In March,…

Acquia and BigCommerce today announced a partnership to help merchants develop and launch online eCommerce solutions with powerful, on-brand customer

Since 2012 over 420 brave Plungers have raised over $200,000 to benefit Special Olympics athletes in the Missoula area
Plunge Location
Neptune Aviation- Hanger 7
1 Corporate Way
Missoula, MT
map and directions
Plunge Schedule
Plunge Check In
11:00am - 11:45am
Griz Dip
Plunge Incentives
$125* - Polar Plunge T-Shirt
$250 -Polar Plunge Beanie & T-Shirt
$500 – Polar Plunge Stainless Steel…