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Simple changes to how our parks, public spaces and roadsides are managed could give pollinators a brighter future.

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An well-known conservationist, the natural resources lead at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a respected elk migration researcher headline an impressive group of keynote speakers that will address the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s 2019 Elk Camp.

Nature-based Solutions enhance and work with natural habitats to help people adapt to the effects of change and disasters. This new initiative collates, consolidates and communicates scientific understanding of the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions for the benefit of decision makers in business, government and civil society.

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Let Drew know we appreciate everything that was done while he was executive director of the Lynn Museum!
All proceeds from this event will be used to continue our important programs.
As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of donors (like you!) to keep us going.

The Drew Russo Appreciation Night
June 20, 2019
During Drew’s tenure as executive director of the Lynn Museum, we instituted many new programs. The History Detectives program for third graders started in 2015 with just a few schools; now we’ve had all but one of city’s public elementary schools included and, this year, the program has grown to include the third graders from the city’s…

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The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest grew by 620 acres following the acquisition of a section of land along the southern Rocky Mountain Front.

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Also this Saturday, in preparation for our upcoming exhibit, "Untold Stories: A History of Black People in Lynn," we will have a videographer on site at the museum on May 4th from 2pm-5pm
If you have a connection to the Black community in Lynn, whether your family has been here for generations or if you are a newcomer to Lynn, we NEED your stories! Have your memories recorded on video just like Lillie Jones (pictured) did a few weeks ago.
Without the community,…

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Over the past several months, MBPC has been busy with the Montana Legislative session, but SNAP is – again – at risk at the federal level.

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