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Upgrade the standard centerpiece by draping your tables with a statement-making table runner made of lush and beautiful blooms.

Tradeweb is at the forefront of electronic money markets trading, bringing more speed, efficiency and transparency to the short-term markets.

Check out what is happening at Mount of Olives below. For more details and a full calendar of events, visit our website: www.moochurch.org
Wednesday, January 23rd, 7:00-8:30pm
Attend this small, intimate class in The Hub with a pastor to learn how to get involved and connected in our church community. Click here to sign up or contact Michelle Palmer with questions
Rock Winter Retreats
Retreats are…

Employee wellness programs might look different at different companies. No matter the scope of your program, there are eight things you absolutely need to know about employee wellness.

Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company uses dance as a vehicle to empower people and eliminate the stigma associated with disability. We challenge our ar...

Dr. Turek Wellness Center & In Essence Day Spa strives to provide guests with a holistic and nurturing approach to Chiropractic, Nutrition, Therapeutic Massages, Skin Care & more. We are a space with an open heart for nurturing the soul, healing the heart and restoring the body. Each and every person that comes to our wellness center, enhance the quality of their everyday life.
Cheers to your Wellness,

Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets grants authorisation for Tradeweb’s Amsterdam entity ahead of Brexit.

White Mechanical, Inc. in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Residential HVAC Services Rancho Santa Margarita | White Mechanical, Inc.
White Mechanical offers cost effective residential HVAC services near Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Contact us or call to request service with our skilled professionals.

The heating option for all-electric homes that most commonly springs to mind is the electric furnace.

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama wasted $1 billion on an ineffective "virtual wall" of border sensors in place of a border fence.

This weekend alone, Border Patrol Agents made close to 1,900 arrests throughout the Rio Grande Valley. "The smugglers don't care for the individuals they're crossing, all they care about is the money. They see these as a commodity, not as people," said Border Patrol Agent Marcelino Medina. On Friday, November 30, agents from the Weslaco Station found a group of 73 undocumented immigrants near Hidalgo.

www.facebook.com/dririsrosenfeld twitter.com/driris Google+ LinkedIn Dietary fat serves many important functions and is good for the body when the right fat is consumed. Secondly, having excessive adipose tissue—body fat—does not denote that a person lacks self-control or will power, but is the result of an inappropriate diet. Humans evolved with a “famine reflex” that caused metabolic …

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by itchy, scaly skin plaques. The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown; however, more and more evidence suggests that the immune system can be a culprit when it is chronically stimulated, causing an overproduction of cytokines, which maintains an inflammatory environment.

With rain in the forecast, what should you be doing in your garden now to protect your plants and to take maximum advantage of the rainfall?

For personalized pain relief and optimal health, call Orange County Urology Associates, we delivers comprehensive urology care for both men and women involving urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, obstructions throughout all of Orange County with locations in Laguna Hills, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach and San Clemente.

Forecasts on future Internet of Things (IOT) business opportunities are enough to give a salesperson high blood pressure. IDC forecasts a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.6 percent from 2017 to 2022, when worldwide spending on IOT will reach $1.2 trillion. IOT Analytics offered a near-term forecast that the

The anise seed in this recipe gives the turkey the flavor of Italian sausage -- but you don't have to indulge in the same amount of saturated fat! ptclinic.com/pdf/recipes/turkeybolognesewithshellpasta.pdf

Q-Mark manufactures probe styli for CMMs and metrology including M2, M3, M4, M5, BLUM, FARO and ROMER compatible parts. They welcome custom designs. Styli ca...

You might be surprised how many careers get a discount on auto insurance. Some of these careers don't look adorable at first glance. But just like puppies, kids and kittens... they can be beautiful...

Viktor and Kelly are the BEST Master Instructors!! They share their knowledge beyond the scope of the book and make every exercise applicable to real-life client encounters!! Each exercise is taught with precision and they care more about the student understanding the exercise then trying to get through the material fast. I love how they take the time to go through every movement principle for every exercise, you can tell they really care for their students and just want the best for them…

Active Inventory - The active inventory climbed all year and peaked much later than normal
The year started with an active inventory of 3,397 homes. It was the second lowest start to a year behind 2013's incredibly low 3,161 homes. Ever since the Great Recession, the trend has been fewer homeowners selling their homes. Since 2009, the number of homes placed on the market has diminished by 29% compared to the heydays of 2000 through 2007. In 2018, there were 3% more homes…

Total hip replacement (THR) rates are increasing internationally, especially in the UK. Although THR can successfully reduce pain and improve the quality of life and function, several studies have highlighted functional problems up to one year after surgery, with up to 8% of patients reporting dissatisfaction with their physical status. Physical therapy has been a routine part of patient rehabilitation following THR, but its use has…

Real people, real experiences with real opportunities. EDJOIN.Org is more than just applying for a job. It is your pathway to a rewarding career.