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Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new artificial intelligence-powered smartphone app that’s able to hear ear infections with high levels of accuracy. Here's how it works -- and, more importantly, when it will be available for download by users.

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Water companies are calling for all wipes to be classified as unflushable until an international standard is agreed

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Her teenagers thought her idea to sign their Thanksgiving tablecloth was "crazy." Now adults, they believe it is irreplaceable.

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Nail Growth: Magic at Your Fingertips
Salons’ technicians will always have their work cut out for them, as nails never stop growing. Check out Groupon’s study of the science behind their constant regeneration.
Whether replacing fat cells at the rate of 10% each year or spawning new skin cells by the minute, the human body is in a constant state of regeneration. Besides our hair, nowhere is this continual growth and change more evident than in the…

Consumers should immediately unplug and stop using recalled dehumidifiers and contact Gree for a full refund.

A new study reveals the average wedding ceremony/reception costs $28,958. Here are nine ways to stick to your budget.

Learn how to create real communication, to involve your employees and achieve top talent retention.

~American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises on back to school safety tips.

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LittleThings - Uplifting, touching and interesting stories from around the world. In just a few minutes, you'll laugh, smile and appreciate the wonderful world that we live in. Remember, it's the little things in life that matter the most!

Social media marketing has become embedded. Learning to to use social media well is vital. Here is a social media marketing toolbox with 62 essential tips

MC Gives! makes it easy for anyone to get involved in philanthropy. This is your chance to give back to our local nonprofits and to help them provide their amazing services.

We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities.

In the world of startups, entrepreneurs have very little time. To help organize tasks and responsibilities, consider these tips.

Which is more appealing: cheese pizza or salad? For many, the lure of lettuce hardly matches that of greasy comfort food, but new brain research…

May your actions speak louder than your words. May your life preach louder than your lips. May your success be your noise in the end. The result of enormous success is often pretty noisy – lots o…

If you’ve ever had your power go out on one of those hot summer days you know just how important keeping cool can be. Seems every year people die due to heat. Keeping your home cool in the summer can be very expensive if you use your air conditioner. This air conditioner is very simple …

6 easy ways to boost heart health: Sleep, go for salads, yoga, relationships, dark chocolate.

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We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities.

Lurking behind these conditions may be other, scarier illnesses. Here's what to look out for.

Almost one-third of U.S. adults prefer to be reached by text message rather than a voice call on their mobile phone, according to a study by the Pew Research Center's Internet a...

Gannett Co., the owner of 82 newspapers including USA Today, is considering charging for its online content, Chief Executive Officer Craig Dubow said.