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Nov. 18 marks 20 years since the debut of The Powerpuff Girls, the Craig McCracken–created cartoon that follows three kindergarten-aged girls with superpowers. The Onion looks back at the beloved show on its 20th anniversary.

Investments will create or preserve 764 units of affordable multifamily rental housing in 10 projects leveraging over $188 million in additional private and public resources Today, the Minneapolis City Council...

The United Nations poverty envoy wrote a scathing report whichdetailed how the United Kingdom's government was inflicting "great misery" on British citizens due to austerity policies that prioritized social re-engineering instead of economic priorities, according to The Guardian. Philip Alston, the UN’s rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, ended a two-week fact-finding mission to the UK on Friday with a report which said the levels of child poverty were not only a disgrace, but also

Content Marketing Institute’s new video series talks about what the latest search trends hold for content marketing.

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DENVER—Seemingly oblivious to the fact that Prohibition had ended roughly 85 years ago, a group of patrons attending a speakeasy Friday were apparently unaware that it is legal to go to regular bars again. “I guess they still haven’t realized that they don’t need to sneak around to buy alcohol, or go to a place with a weird side entrance to evade the police,” said local resident Jeremy Reynolds, standing dumbfounded as he watched the five friends—who must believe that the year was…

President Donald Trump said he completed answering questions for special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday, one of the crucial steps in the ongoing investigation into ties the Trump campaign had with Russia's election interference during the presidential election in 2016, according to CNN. Trump told reporters he hasn't submitted the answers yet but he wrote them himself. “I’ve answered them very easily. I’m working on them,” he said in the Oval Office. Trump also said he answered the questions

The latest edition of Minnesota Lawyer's Breaking the Ice feature highlights our St. Paul attorney and lobbyist, Patrick Hynes.

A federal judge ruled in favor of CNN and journalist Jim Acosta on Friday and ordered the White House to temporarily restore the press credentials President Donald Trump took away from Acosta following a tense exchange at a press conference last week, according to The Washington Post. The decision marks a victory for press access and the cable news network Trump has repeatedly maligned. Judge Timothy J. Kelly granted CNN's motion for a temporary restraining order which will prevent the

Lanier Saperstein of Dorsey & Whitney says Chinese companies still get a "fair shake" under the new Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States program.

The Commission brought one civil enforcement action this week. The case centers on a boiler room and the manipulation of a penny stock over a three year period. The action, and the parallel criminal case, are related to similar actions…Read more ›

The White House program that gives young Americans the chance to work under top government officials announced that the applications period for the 2019-2020 class is now open. The White House Fel…

Alyssa Augustine | Media Representative
Mesude Cingilli
When Mesude Cingilli joined the Minneapolis Fed as a junior financial analyst in 2002, she left a more senior job—and higher pay—to do it. It was, in a sense, her dream job
“When I was in college taking my first finance class, Alan Greenspan was Fed chair … and we talked about how powerful the Fed was,” Cingilli said. “I thought to myself, ‘I really want to work for the Fed one day.’”
Then she did.…

United Nations diplomatic sources said an attack on U.N. peacekeepers left at least seven dead and ten wounded in an area that's the center of the Democratic Republic of Congo's worst Ebola epidemic on Thursday, according to Reuters. “Our peacekeeping colleagues tell us that six peacekeepers from Malawi and one from Tanzania who are part of the U.N. peacekeeping operation in the DRC ... were killed yesterday, in Beni territory, in North Kivu,” U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters in

A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid, typically water, is heated. The steam or heated fluid exits the boiler typically for the heating older homes. The reason we ...

In a recent interview, A Song of Ice And Fire author George R.R. Martin admitted that the plot’s expansiveness and the pressures of expectations have caused him to struggle with the Game Of Thrones new book The Winds Of Winter. What do you think?

Donise White loved people, she loved helping them even more. To celebrate her life and to honor her, her husband Houston White developed The Donise White Scholarship Fund. Through this fund young people in her community and surrounding communities will have the opportunity to receive funds toward...

BEIJING—In an effort to reduce the risk of overpopulation within the Muslim ethnic group, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the decision Thursday to implement a new one-Uighur policy. “This new policy is an important step in keeping the Uighur population down to a number we find most manageable and best for the nation as a whole,” said the general secretary of the Communist Party of China…

Fourth through sixth-graders at Walsh Elementary have been learning how to make paper and carve out images in their art class.

AVONDALE, OH—Confessing that her grief was somewhat moderated by seeing events play out exactly as she had warned, local mother Deborah Klein said Thursday she felt somewhat vindicated upon learning that her teenage daughter Rachel, after staying out later than parental rules allowed, had been murdered. “Sure, Rachel’s violent murder is not at all my desired outcome, but if I’m honest, it feels good to say ‘I told you so,’ even if it’s just to the bedroom she’ll never come home to again,”…

So, it’s 2018 and you still haven’t bought into a social media management or analytics tool for your business. Maybe you thought it would be easy enough that you didn’t need any fancy tools to

In 1978, a Minneapolis kid held a comic book convention at the Ridgedale shopping center, and his special guest was Stan Lee.

2018 Special Olympics USA Games Get ready for one of Special Olympics' biggest competitions ever! Next year's USA Games will highlight athletes with intellectual disabilities who find power and joy in sports. From July 1-6, 3,500 Special Olympics athletes from all over the United States--as well as 1,000 coaches, 10,000 family members, 10,000 volunteers and an estimated 50,000 spectators--will take part in this premier national sports…

Before Colorado-based plane maker Boom Supersonic can launch its airliner, it has to see its 1/3-scale starter plane take off.

Join Minnesota Brownfields and members of Minnesota’s redevelopment community. Thursday, November 17, 2016 • 5:00 - 7:30pm • Aria, Minneapolis, MN

A group of more than a dozen Western ambassadors in Beijing, led by Canada, was requesting a meeting with the top official in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang for a more thorough explanation of the human rights abuses occurring against the minority ethnic Uighurs, according to ABC News. Reuters reported it had seen a copy of the letter sent to Chen Quanguo, the Communist Party boss in Xinjiang, in the rare move of coordinated action by a group of countries coming together…

If you are accused of shoplifting in Minnesota, you need to know your rights and what the store is allowed to do to you – and what they’re not. In this post, we’ll detail the law, cover your

Officials in Palm Beach County said it was unsure if it would be able to meet a vote counting deadline in Florida's historic recount on Thursday, while a federal judge said at least 4,000 mail-in and provisional ballots would have two days to resolve their disputed ballots, according to The Washington Post. Judge Mark Walker of the U.S. District Court in Tallahassee came just before the afternoon deadline for elections officials to complete a machine recount. While officials in Broward County

Michimasa Fujino wanted to play table tennis professionally. He engineered a plane and founded Honda Aircraft instead, but his passion for the sport still burns.