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A group of neighbors stumbled on a lost fragment of history in an overgrown portion of central Berlin, uncovering a 20-meter length of concrete wall splattered with vines and faded graffiti in early June, according to The New York Times. “We started debating and someone suggested that maybe it was part of the Berlin Wall,” said Ephraim Gothe, a city councilor for urban development in the Mitte district of Berlin, who was leading the group on a tour. Gothe said he alerted the…

Republicans on Wednesday condemned a poster by Pearl Jam that shows the White House in flames and a bald eagle pecking at a skeleton they say is meant to depict President Donald Trump.

Commerce officials are raising questions about coverage as part of their review of the company's proposed Line 3 project.

RED FIR, CA—Spending what seemed like the correct amount of time soaking in the beauty of the massive tree, local man Matt Tedesco assumed Wednesday that he probably stared at a giant sequoia long enough to appreciate it. “I mean, it’s definitely really big, and I went and stood under it, so I think I get how majestic it is by now,” said Tedesco, who admitted it was difficult to determine if he had properly appreciated the 250-foot conifer because all the trees…

When you think you’ve find the right co-founder, you want to know it's a good match. We take a closer look at the factors that drive success.

ATLANTA—Confirming your long-held suspicions with a 15-year observational study on the effects of behavior on human aging, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed Wednesday that all of the world’s absolute worst people would almost certainly outlive you. “We can now conclusively say that every single one of the most amoral, self-centered, and all-around corrosive human beings on planet Earth will enjoy longer…

Think medium format CMOS sensors are big? Check out what Canon's largest sensor looks like when placed next to a DSLR camera (an EOS Rebel T3i/600D). The

Join NACD and PwC to discuss findings from PwC's latest Census of Directors 50 and Under, shed more light on the current population of younger directors and examine whether it's time to give age a second thought on your board.

The Great British Baking Show, a British television competition that airs on Netflix and PBS, has become a cult phenomenon in the U.S. The Onion presents a guide to everything you need to know about The Great British Baking Show.

VATICAN CITY—An internal Catholic church report on the frequency of institutionalized sexual abuse of minors by authority figures revealed Wednesday that there is a high probability that Pope Francis has, in fact, molested at least one child. “Given what we are learning about the proportion of priests who have engaged in sexual acts with children, we really can’t say for sure that, during his long and…

Georgia Property Rights. Biersdorf & Associates is a nation-wide law firm that battles the government on behalf of property owners.

The United States Treasury imposed sanctions on three foreign companies it said was helping North Korea avoid sanctions with illicit shipments of goods on Wednesday, according to The Los Angeles Times. The Trump administration said it was taking action against the companies in Russia, China, and Singapore, along with the head of the Russian firm, by blocking any assets they may have within U.S. jurisdictions. The sanctions also bar any Americans or American companies from doing business with

As the bus rolled through a St. Paul neighborhood, a pregnant rider yelled, "The baby is coming," and passengers rushed to her aid.

Maggie Meiners examines contemporary American social issues by restaging Rockwell’s famous paintings.

Priyanka Chopra finally flashes her engagement ring, and it More 15 Aug 2018: Priyanka Chopra finally flashes her engagement ring, and it's gorgeous A picture Raveena Tandon posted on Instagram may have revealed the

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Shedding further light on a long history of attempts to protect itself from accusations of criminal activity, biblical scholars at Harvard Divinity School reported Wednesday they have found evidence that the early Catholic church covered up for three wise men who molested baby Jesus. “After deciphering fragments of a previously unknown gospel, we now have textual documentation that clearly delineates abuse by three magi who…

Dolly Parton was presented with the inaugural Dolly Parton Excellence in Leadership Award on August 11.

The latest court filing also revealed that William "Billy" Hughes was suicidal over a terminal illness, according to relatives.

Investing in Facebook and Amazon are the only two companies that I really blindly believe in because I don't think that either Zucks or Jeff will be trying t...

A presentation at Black Hat recently revealed that the creators of the “SamSam” ransomware have netted over $6M to date, attacking mostly medium-to-large p

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A Turkish court has ordered the release from prison of Taner Kilic, the local honorary chair of Amnesty International, the human rights group said on Wednesday about one of several cases

More than 100 newspapers have signed onto a Boston Globe-led campaign to publish editorials inveighing against Trump’s designation of the media as an “enemy of the people.” What do you think?

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The London mayor is seeking powers to limit the number of Uber drivers operating in the capital, blaming a surge in private hire drivers for the city’s increasing congestion and pollution.

The health care institution also placed first on the state-specific “Best Hospital” lists in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida.