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People will soon be able to enjoy happy hour from the comfort of their own living room as Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that allows businesses with mixed beverage permits to deliver alcoholic drinks straight to your doorstep. David Hernandez owns Holiday Wine & Liquor in McAllen, which has been around since 1982. Although there is already a lot of competition out there, Hernandez doesn't think the bill will affect sales greatly.

If you need to move wine or liquor, whether you're shipping it to a new home or moving it yourself, make sure you box it right.

DigBoston Reporter Haley Hamilton talks about her latest update on hurdles to adequate supply of liquor licenses for underserved areas in Boston. Interview f...

Minibar offers the best way to shop wine, spirits, beer, and mixers - available for delivery in 30 to 60 minutes. Fast delivery!

A Boston city council member is proposing that pot dispensaries and liquor stores shouldn't be allowed to open near addiction treatment centers.

On June 16th, 2014, a male subject entered a liquor store in the 400 block of Bascom Avenue in unincorporated San Jose. The male suspect picked up a case of ...

HARTFORD -- Many new laws go in to effect July 1, including ones effecting liquor stores
Package stores in Connecticut will be allowed to stay open an hour later, until 10 p.m. Monday - Saturday.
Sunday sales will stop at 6 p.m.
Another aspect of the law states that while retailers are still required to sell alcohol bottles above the cost for which they bought the bottles wholesale (a minimum cost), they can pick one beer or one other alcoholic beverage to sell…

The battle has been lost but not the war. So says Francois Guilloux, managing partner of There Performance Group of Little Rock, a liquor store industry consultancy.

Due to an appeal by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission of a district judge's decision on Thursday, four liquor stores in Whiteclay must stop selling alcohol on Monday.

10 Reno bars and liquor stores received citations on Saturday night for selling alcohol to minors. The Reno Police Department Regional Street Enforcement Team sent decoys into 31 locations. Detectives from the Reno, Sparks, and University of Nevada police

JUN 15, 2016 - Liquor stores would be given an unfair advantage over grocery and convenience stores by a challenge to a petition that seeks to overhaul Oklahoma's alcohol laws, a group representing grocers said Tuesday as a state Supreme Court referee heard arguments.

Lawrence Brian Fadden, owner of Parkway Wine & Spirits in Lawrence, says that if a proposed bill to allow grocery and convenience stores to sell wine, liquor and strong beer passes, he'll likely go out of business. But he'll at least be able to find another job
If many of the thousands of grocery and convenience stores in Kansas get liquor licenses, the Kansas Alcohol Beverage Control office will have to hire lots of additional inspectors, he said.
"If I get put out…

Police found exactly what they were looking for during liquor stings on local establishments: nothing.

OKLAHOMA CITY - For many liquor stores and convenience shops, Monday marked the beginning of a new era.
A voter-approved overhaul of liquor laws started Monday. Under the constitutional amendment known as State Question 792, liquor stores are permitted to sell cold beer while convenience stores can sell strong beer and wine.

Changes in Oklahoma's liquor laws could mean more convenience, but also higher prices. The new laws which take effect October 1st will allow grocery and conv...

The adoption of Internet-connected commerce systems, from consumer-facing networks such as Drizly to modern point-of-sale networks such as Square, is a key element in the shift of local marketing dollars to digital...

The next big thing, it seems, is getting booze delivered straight to your doorstep and like seemingly everything these days, from an application on your phone. Drizly, a start up founded in Boston in 2013that allows you to do what was mentioned above, is the latest start up that's already...