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Congress moves forward with bills to address the crisis of toxic PFAS contamination in our communities

Saunders has been with the Timberwolves organization since 2014, serving as assistant coach for four-plus seasons prior to being elevated to interim head coach.

Recently reported by E&E and Nature, the Environmental Protection Agency is zeroing out funding for a network of research centers focused on environmental threats to kids, leaving several ongoing studies about the impacts of pollution on child development in limbo.

Sinful human beings don't really know what is good for us. However, Jesus does, and He gives us exactly what we need: He gives us the Holy Spirit and the Church.

I was a speaker at the 2019 Automation Guild Conference. As part of the conference, I participated in a live Q&A session, but we ran out of time before I answered all the questions. I decided to blog the answers to some of those questions.

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Washington, DC – This week, House Democratic leaders begin the committee markup process on the Dream and Promise Act. The original bill was co-sponsored by 231 Members of Congress and represented a clear contrast to the racist, anti-immigrant actions of Donald Trump who killed the DACA, TPS and DED programs. Judiciary Committee Democrats unveiled changes to…

A 16-year-old Guatemalan boy died in government custody Monday morning, Customs and Border Protection said.

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With 24/7 daylight and fast-changing Arctic weather patterns, the remote northeastern corner of Alaska presents challenges.

Babies named Thea and Rhett are trending up in Minnesota, but how popular have they been over the last century?

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William Bryant Logan is an arborist on the faculty at NYBG and the award-winning author of four books. His most recent, Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees, is a poetic and practical global journey to rediscover and celebrate the lost traditions of tree pruning that sustained human life and culture for millennia, a... Read more

A Sun-Times investigation found that being a woman can add $370 a year to an insurance quote — even for a woman who has a spotless driving record.

Trump administration overturns Obama decision and provides Twin Metals with access to publicly-owned minerals located near Ely.

Seeing a divorce lawyer doesn't mean that you're committed to divorcing — which is why you should schedule a consultation befor you think about separating.

Participants will take the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment to discover top 5 strengths. Learn to identify and leverage dominant talents and turn talents into strengths, for education and career planning.

The Environmental Protection Agency plans to adopt a new method for projecting the future health risks of air pollution that experts have said is not scientifically sound.

What Makes Medical Specialists So Special, Anyway? Physician behaviors, preferences and perceptions can vary widely across specialties and markets, which i

The biggest surprise from the last episode of 'GOT' is who walked away as the king of them all.

The Twin Cities German Immersion School bought the former St Andrew's Catholic Church on Como Avenue several years ago, but the school's construction plan to tear down the church is striking a nerve with community members.

There is an increasing expectation the Twins are creating that every night might produce a victory — and a lopsided one at that, as we saw this weekend in Seattle and plenty of other times this year.

The number of foreign companies that feel compelled to hand over technology in exchange for Chinese market access — an issue that sparked President Donald Trump's tariff fight with Beijing — has doubled since two years ago despite official promises to end such pressure, a business group reported Monday.

President Donald Trump distanced himself from Alabama's restrictive new abortion law by laying out differing personal views even as he urged anti-abortion activists to stay united heading into the 2020 election.

"Weird Al" Yankovic wrote a song about the ball, which the mayor says really helped bring twine ball awareness to the rest of the world.

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The budget deal does not include any gas tax hike. The health care provider tax that Republicans opposed remains, classrooms get a 2% funding boost for each of the next two years and there's a middle-class income tax cut beginning in 2022.