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My students need chromebooks in order to become more proficient in their technology skills. The chromebooks can be used as a great resource for all students with emphasis on English language learne...

Warmer weather is set to continue into Sunday. KSTP meteorologist Sam Ryan says highs will be in the 40s...

Disney Channel actor Stoney Westmoreland has been fired after he was arrested in Salt Lake City for allegedly attempting to have a sexual relationship with an online acquaintance he believed was 13-years-old...

The city of Minneapolis and state of Minnesota can continue to show other states what a successful partnership looks like when it comes to stadium financing for professional sports.

The infinite became an infant. His mother held him, while he held the moon and stars in place.

The comet, which orbits between Jupiter and the sun, will make its closest approach to Earth in centuries, right on the heels of this year's most stunning meteor shower.

The interior secretary is stepping down after a tumultuous two years, marked by mounting allegations of misconduct in office.

The “Downton Abbey” movie teaser trailer is here! Looks good!

Jennifer Lopez will be spending more time on movie sets as she wants to become a director.

With the ruling likely to be appealed, it will likely take months for it to go through the court process.

The New York Times on Monday ran an extensive article on how the locations of millions of American are being tracked by apps on their cell phones, bought and sold, and used for advertising and other commercial purposes.Is your location data among them? Do you know for sure? Every time you visit a doctor, bar, Planned Parenthood clinic, or friend’s house, is some company storing the when, where, and with whom?I was recently speaking about privacy before an audience of government officials who…

Warm up on the chilliest of nights with these winter soups, stews and chilis. Your bowl will be brimming with flavor in every spoonful.

The game may have had most of its DLC canceled, but there's still a couple of of things to look forward to.

MOLINE — Documentary filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Moline-based Fourth Wall Films recently received grants from the Moline Foundation and Illinois Humanities Council to fund work on “A World

Ryan Zinke has resigned thanks to people like you keeping pressure on him and Trump to stop selling our public lands out to the oil and gas industry. Tell Congress the next Interior Secretary must work for the people not the fossil fuel industry!

Father Jim Sichko is one of 700 people assigned by Pope Francis to travel the world spreading kindness, forgiveness, joy and mercy to everyone they encountered.

There’s a hero in the Song of Solomon — and it’s not Solomon. And that is good news for sexually broken people.

Nobody wants their business to seem stuck in the dark ages. With these simple steps, you can transform your business to make the most of your digital presence.