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Dance Today with Teacher Jesse - January 18
Hello dancers, we are going to continue to explore PLACE this week
We will start off class by warming up our bodies. We introduced a new warm-up to the song Row Your Boat, and will also learn some stretches to The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
We will play Find A Friend , and a new partner game Mirror & Shadow . One dancer begins to move and their partner either mirrors or shadows their movements.

Connect with local contractors who are experts in net-zero construction and integrated systems. You will have an opportunity to discuss different features in this passive home project, and learn about the values of passive construction. There will be two tour times offered with a Q & A session at the completion of both tours.

Natural disasters can hit at any moment, and Richfield is now more prepared than ever, recently earning a StormReady certification from the National Weather Service
The certification is given to communities that undergo training for disaster preparedness, specifically done by the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
“Receiving the StormReady certification shows residents that we are prepared to respond to a disaster using established best practices,” explained…

Lesson 1: God is continually calling you towards his purpose.
Lesson 2: Your faith will always be tested by trials.
Lesson 3: You can never wander beyond the reach of God.
Take Home Idea: God is always calling you towards his purposes and you don’t have to sin to get there.

Welcome to Andre Shakti's I Am Poly(amorous) & So Can You! store!
Here you'll be able to browse a variety of merchandise, from educational
audio and video files to exclusive saucy photo sets. Thank you for your

AMSOIL delivers better protection against viscosity breakdown than Mobil 1, helping maximize engine protection. Get the details here.

Creativity quotes galore—get inspired by the words of Steve Jobs, Charles Eames, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, and many more.

|By Karena Fiorenza Ingersoll, Deena Selenow. Karena Fiorenza Ingersoll and Deena Selenow provide practical advice for making recruitment, retainment, and casting practices more equitable and inclusive.

Get In Shape For Women is passionate about women’s empowerment through body transformation. Check out our fitness studio career opportunities today.

Below, we share some tips to help you pick out a pair of winter boots that will protect your feet throughout the season.

Thomas, New York, released its year-end Index Report, which reveals the top product and service categories buyers sourced online in 2018.

Just a reminder; we are open this next Monday, January 21 for a School Release Day Camp on the MLK Holiday for your children and students
Hours: 9:00 am-4:30 p.m.
Cost: $80. non-members $70. members.
We are also open regular business hours for you, your family and friends to drop in on MLK and other school release days.
Great news! All of our Summer Camps are listed and ready for you to sign up at under "Camps and Classes"
Our Simply Jane/ArtAble…

As the holiday shopping draws to a close, a look at what worked, and what’s next for small brands.

The newest medical advancement we believe is poised to take off in the new year is called Stimwave. Stimwave is a tiny device that is implanted near a nerve that is causing problems.

A fast and convenient shopping experience. This trend is geared toward the consumer on the go. Should your business get in on this trend as well?

Naomi Campbell and Emma Stenning in Conversation
|By Emma Stenning, Naomi Campbell. Naomi Campbell, Luminato’s new artistic director, sits down with Emma Stenning, Soulpepper’s new executive director, about theatre in Toronto, reaching communities outside of the downtown core, cross-collaboration, and more.

All gases in the environment will interact with a humidity sensor and potentially cause drift. Water needs to get in and out of the sensor, which means that other gases can too. In general, any strong smell is a warning sign that something is evaporating. Cleaning products are the most common cause, particularly floor wax; alcohols used to wipe down surfaces can also cause drift.

Millennials see a picture-perfect moment on social media, and almost instantly, there's a lot of life left to be desired.

As a student, you may think that you have a limited network in the professional world. You might be underutilizing your own personal network, however.

This date marks the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1929. He was an African American minister and activist.

If the team at Sierra Foot & Ankle can treat an ankle injury without surgery, they will. Sometimes, however, ankle surgery is simply the best option.

Donor story: Six decades of service
Arlo and Janice Pannkuk impact local and global Y communities, and create a gift to impact the YMCA long into the future
When Arlo Pannkuk returned to Minneapolis in 1960, his brother-in-law invited him to join the Roosevelt YMCA Y’s Men’s Club. This friendly invitation led Arlo to a lifetime of service and leadership with Y Service Clubs locally, nationally and internationally.
“As a service person, I can’t say ‘no,’” Arlo said. This 2018 season was his…

10 tips and tricks to help declutter your workspace and helping you stay organized to ensure that you are completely focused while at home or at work

Speak out against the injustice TUESDAY, JAN. 22—NOON By Bill Poehler, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) THERE IS NO MORE INNOCENT HUMAN BEING than an unborn child—yet more than two dozen are aborted every day in Minnesota. These daily acts of injustice against unborn babies also encompass their mothers, who are injured emotionally, spiritually,

This article outlines the four key components of a self-care program for patients to manage the low back pain and other symptoms of degenerative disc disease and avoid surgery.

Date: January 14, 2019
Legislators gaveled in the 2019 legislative session at 12:00pm on January 8, 2019. Although the Senate
remains in control of Republicans, the DFL took back the House for the first time since 2014 and now
holds a 75-59 majority over the Republicans. A new slate of freshman legislators—mostly from suburban
districts—were sworn in along with the new Speaker of the House, Melissa…