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"When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, 'Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.' But Simon answered and said to Him, 'Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.' And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking."

No matter what industry you're in, your team needs creativity to develop the innovation necessary for a competitive advantage or a breakthrough solution. "Encouraging creative thinking", according to Boland Jones , "leads to employees' seeing the bigger picture and leveraging productive focus on issues with a deeper business impact. While the creative process can seem less productive than simply churning out work, by ultimately transitioning those…

WASHINGTON (AP) — At first, Tomas Monarrez didn't notice the labels when he went shopping for pots and pans. 'Completely toxin free!" said a big green message on a line of nonstick frying...

Modern advertising tactics are awesome: You can reach the right person at the right time and speak directly to him or her in language that resonates. You can reach people across the street and around the world. But reaching them doesn’t mean they will come into your store and buy.
Marketing is most

We have a refuge in times of trouble, safety amid life’s storms. Only a fool curses the shelter and runs into the eye of the storm.

From the Ground Up Episode #13
|By Jeffrey Mosser, Ariel Fristoe. On this episode of the From the Ground Up Podcast, Ariel Fristoe of Out Of Hand Theatre talks about how their unique games and creation process translates from free experiences for audiences all over Atlanta to corporate training.

On Andy Cohen’s show, you never know whose tongue might be loosened, what questions will be asked, or how they’ll be answered.

Trump’s EPA administrator should change the name of his agency to “Every Polluter’s Ally.”

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The Twins will play games of Dominican stickball for the second annual Mall Ball, with free food and live music to make a home run of a lunch break.

Highlights from major events that happened around the world on this day in history.

Brexit hardliner Boris Johnson won the contest to lead Britain's governing Conservative Party on Tuesday and will become the country's next prime minister, tasked with fulfilling his promise to lead the U.K. out of the European Union.

They tried to warn us about the dangers of OxyContin. Almost two decades later, we’re finally listening.

This may arguably be the nicest week of summer. No heat or humidity to gripe about and plenty of puffy cumulus clouds to count as they lazily drift by. This is about as nice as it gets in July. Enjoy! Check the blog for more details. -Todd Nelson

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Since buying Roundup's inventor, chemical giant's market value has dropped by nearly half.

The department also told Mueller that he could not "discuss the conduct of uncharged third parties," like President Donald Trump, his family and his closest associates.

New York became the first U.S. state to ban the declawing of cats Monday, joining most of Europe, several Canadian provinces and a growing list of American cities that already prohibit a procedure animal advocates call cruel and unnecessary.

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Davenport Police were at a Jersey Ridge Road home late Monday when they found two men drowned in the pool.

If you’re looking for an inspiring story about strong, independent females sticking it to the patriarchy, be prepared to be majorly let down: This gorilla at the zoo clearly has, like, six wives.