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Baby George made international headlines after American sailors rescued him in the Korean War. WCCO-TV was there to witness a moment 66 years in the making, as the Minnesota medic who took care of George sees him face-to-face for the first time in six decades.

ROCK ISLAND — Veline Shukoru, 12, a Rock Island Academy student, still knows how important it is to study the life of Martin Luther King Jr., even 51 years after

MILAN — Whether it's pies, cakes or cookies you seek, Josephine's Bakery has it all, even for gluten- and dairy-free sweets enthusiasts.

More than 100 former diplomats and academics joined together for an open letter to China released on Monday which warned the country its recent arrest of two Canadians are creating a dangerous precedent for people working on policy and research in the country, according to The New York Times. The letter included signatures from 27 diplomats from seven countries and 116 scholars and academics from 19 different countries. The letter from those who have worked or studied in China and claims the

LAS VEGAS—Fearing the regrettable incident from his past would continue to follow him for the rest of his life, white Bengal tiger Montecore confirmed Friday he was still struggling to find work after mauling magician Roy Horn during a show at the Mirage casino in 2003. “Whenever I go out looking for a job, it seems like the first thing people focus on is the time I attacked Roy in the middle of a performance, and that usually ends my chances of landing…

The number of deer killed in urban Quad-City hunts this season is in line with the past several years, and people in charge of the activity say that, in general,

All but 1 percent of that territory is now gone, which has prompted the White House to describe ISIS as "wiped out." But to suggest that ISIS was defeated, as President Donald Trump did when he announced plans to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, is to ignore the lessons of recent history.

DETROIT—After his partner of three years was gunned down last week while the pair were on duty, Detective David Killian of the Detroit Police Department’s Major Case Squad told reporters Wednesday he was unsure whether he had been close enough to his murdered colleague to single-mindedly pursue the killer for as long as it takes. “Sure, [Detective] Rich [Lerner] was a nice guy, but it’s not like we went out to get drinks with each other at the end of each shift or…

While meeting with dozens of the world's most influential executives, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to continue with his plans to reform the French economy amid continued resistance from the Yellow Vest movement, according to Reuters. Macron hosted executives from Microsoft, Snapchat, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and more for a pre-Davos dinner at Versailles. Marcon started his address on Monday night to invoke King Louis XVI…

PROVIDENCE, RI—Due to budgetary constraints, the State of Rhode Island was forced to shutter a number of its aviary facilities Sunday, resulting in hundreds of mentally ill sparrows, pigeons, chickadees, pelicans, kestrels, and penguins being put out on the street. "These birds are incapable of making the decisions necessary to navigate through everyday life," Providence Aviary administrator Margaret Lyons said as a disturbed grackle pecked at…

As the federal government shutdown drags on, so do the security lines at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

CHICAGO—Expressing gratitude for the many sources of emotional comfort and support, local woman Shawna Padden told reporters Friday that she is happy to have such good takeout places she can call when feeling low. “It means so much knowing that I have all these great restaurants that I can turn to for solace when I’m down in the dumps,” said 30-year-old Padden, adding that without fail she can count on Texica Tacos or Phil’s Grill to make her feel better after a rough…

Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) was claiming to be behind the fatal car bombing of a police academy in Bogota last week on Monday, according to CNN At least 20 were killed in the attack which the leftist rebel group said was in retaliation for the government's bombings of its camps, despite the two sides having a ceasefire in place since September 2017. "Therefore, the operation carried out against said establishment and troops is legal per the 'right of war,'" said the ELN's

In what part of your life have you functionally forgotten that you belong to Jesus? What are you stewarding as if it is yours and not God’s?

Armenian-American entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian teams up with Flaviar in efforts to put Armenia back on the spirits map with the newly launched Armenian brandy, Shakmat XO.

A new report released on Monday by the World Health Organization said Western culture and society posed more health risks to migrants than they did to any host nations, according to The Guardian. The study was the first to offer a thorough report on refugee and migrant health in the west and suggests new arrivals have a high risk of falling ill while traveling to another country, but WHO Europe said the migrants also face dangers when arriving in their host nation. Those…

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Minnesota's wrestling team (10-2, 3-1 Big Ten) got back on the winning path in Illinois over the weekend as the Gophers toppled Illinois 26-15 Friday, and Northwestern 29-12 Sunday afternoon.