Business in Logan Park - Minneapolis, MN

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The former General Mills executive started Twin Cities Rise in 1993 and has helped thousands of unemployed and underemployed Minnesotans since.

Omnivore (July 20, 2018) BY MICHAEL TOLAND Of the eighties Big 3 of Minneapolis college rock, Soul Asylum was considered the junior partner (after Hüsker Dü and the Replacements). So it’s ironic that the scrappy young quartet became far and away the most successful. Of course, that may have simply been by virtue of …

In some cases, the holistic practice could replace narcotics. Integrating meditation into regular treatment could significantly cut healthcare costs.

Hope loves the whole story. Hope breathes, laughs, and draws courage from knowing there are more pages to be read. They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us (9781937512651): Hanif Abdurraqib, Dr. Eve L. Ewing: Books

Shares tumbled Friday after investigative report details company efforts to keep talc evidence from regulators, consumers

From the garden, to the manger, through the cross, to that final day, watch the devil rise in anticipation, writhe in agony, and then fall before the Dragon Slayer.

President Donald Trump is soon expected to sign the new federal farm bill members of Congress approved this week ...

A federal judge in Texas said on Friday that the Affordable Care Act's individual coverage mandate is unconstitutional and that the rest of the law must also fall.

On Twitter, @_lisli asked: Any tips for handling working, small baby/child care, and still doing/making things you enjoy? Here's what I tweeted back, lightly

Watch the Game Informer crew find new ways to take down targets in this look back at one of Agent 47's earliest assignments.

A Scott County jury on Friday night found Bettendorf attorney Stephen Newport not guilty on charges of third-degree sexual abuse and indecent exposure.

We’re tying up loose ends in Red Dead Redemption II and launching into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this weekend.

most likely for 2030 — in an attempt to bring the Games back to the city that hosted in 2002 and provided the backdrop for the U.S. winter team's ascendance into an international powerhouse.

Regulators on Friday accused one of California's largest utilities of falsifying safety documents for natural gas pipelines for years following its criminal conviction and multimillion-dollar fine for a pipeline explosion that killed eight people near San Francisco.

Slower growth. Rising rates. More volatility. 2019 looks to be a year that could be challenging for investors.

In Episode 1 of Pitch GaryVee, we’ve got a company Glowbar -- its a company run by two incredibly intelligent women looking to disrupt the beauty industry. S...

Increasingly sophisticated simulators are on the front lines of health care workers' training.

For indigenous peoples, winter solstice has been a time to honor their ancient sun deity. Their rituals reveal a deep understanding of the natural world, from the mounds of Cahokia

Al Riveron, the NFL's Vice President of Officiating, said the Seahawks should've been penalized while blocking the Vikings field goal attempt in the fourth quarter of Monday night's loss
Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner leapt over the Vikings' line and blocked kicker Dan Bailey's attempt that could've made the score 6-3 with 5 minutes and 38 seconds left in the fourth quarter
"This is a foul," Riveron…

James Alex Fields Jr. was given a recommended sentence of life plus 419 years in prison for killing Heather Heyer and seriously injuring 35 others. What do you think?

There are two different tracks one can take when an estate needs to go through the probate process in Minnesota: formal and informal.

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Letter from Archbishop Hebda Regarding Bishop Accountability, Survivor Outreach
Date: Friday, December 14, 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Many of you have reminded me that our Church needs to face today’s challenges with more direct action. Changes must be made that will prevent regression to old ways. I am taking additional steps in this Archdiocese to change the…

It’s time for big banks to read the writing on the wall, drop support for TransCanada

The Geminid meteor shower continues this weekend, and people all over the world were getting ready to see the last big meteor shower of 2018, Newsweek reported. Although the shower reached its peak Friday morning, shooting stars should still be visible into the weekend. Of course, optimal viewing conditions for a meteor shower include being somewhere far from light pollution and outdoors, which for some people just isn't an option. For those who can't make it outside to view the meteors as they

What is a staffing agency? And how can recruiters help you in your job search? Read insights from Robert Half now.

Would you like to know which franchises in some 180 industry sub-categories have the highest to lowest average unit volumes? You would? We thought so, and so for the first time we included that information in The Franchise Handbook, our brand new resource for readers