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A second aid worker who had been kidnapped by Boko Haram for several months was killed on Wednesday after a negotiation deadline expired, according to CNN. Midwife Hauwa Mohammed Liman, 24, was killed by her captors after the first aid worker she was kidnapped with was killed in September. Nigeria's Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed said the killing was"dastardly, inhuman and ungodly" since "nothing can justify the shedding of the blood of innocent people." She was

Diplomats from Cuba and Bolivia shouted during a meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) being held as the United States launched a campaign discussing the struggles of Cuban political prisoners on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. U.S. envoy to the ECOSOC Kelley Currie continued through the shouting protests, delivering her remarks before being followed by several other speakers who discussed the political prisoners, including Secretary General of the

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After a dozen years in the Senate, Klobuchar played part in the Brett Kavanaugh drama that pushed her further into the Washington spotlight.

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Brazil's federal police filed new charges against President Michel Temer on Tuesday, recommending he be put on trial for corruption, money laundering and criminal association for allegedly taking bribes to favor port management companies.

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Originally registered in 1996, the domain expired and was lost last month , Domain Gang reported Tuesday. Legendary rock supergroup REO Speedwagon owned the domain nearly two decades, but the unthinkable happened, the report said. At auction, sold for $3,550 on DropCatch, Domain Gang reported. After a few months, the domain is currently back in the hands of the rock group, the report said. Sporting a brand new 2018 registration date, Domain Gang reported,

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran his 2015 campaign on a promise to legalize marijuana for recreational use and will now see Canada become the largest country in the world to do so on Wednesday, according to USA Today. The move could start a global revolution concerning the legalization of marijuana as Canada is undertaking a massive amount of research to help better understand the medical reasons for using cannabis and could help improve the plant's image compared to alcohol and

Felt letter boards are replacing chalkboards to mark milestones and add ever-changing inspirational quotes to your Instagram photos.

The boy's mother called 911 over the weekend from her home near Rice and said she believed her son was dead.

Jimmy Butler has practiced only four times with his Wolves teammates this preseason and did not appear in a preseason game. He won't have a minutes limit Wednesday at San Antonio.

The La Crosse Essential Weather Station provides indoor and outdoor humidity readings, dynamic forecast icons, and a Wi-Fi option which allows you to see all of your data via a smartphone app.

3. A data access terminal for retrieving data from a data supplier and providing the retrieved data to a data carrier, the terminal comprising
a first interface for communicating with the data supplier
a data carrier interface for interfacing with the data carrier;
a program store storing code; and
a processor coupled to the first interface, the data carrier interface, and the program store for implementing…

In an excerpt from the book “Digital Branch™ Secrets: eCommerce Playbook for Distributors,” Justin King lays out the steps B2B companies need to take to bring value to their customers through an e-commerce site.

For the second year straight, the world’s view of the U.S. has declined. For example, only 39 percent of Canadians now have a favorable view of the United States, down from 65 percent at the end of President Obama’s second term. What do you think?

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Inside of just thirty minutes, the fundraising leadership team at Network For Good will preview the tools, tech, and timelines your organization needs to acquire, upgrade, and retain donors for year-end. You'll also learn how to automate many of the fundraising functions that keep you behind your desk instead of in front of your donors, sharing a few of the biggest insights from even our smallest customers
Just because you are tax-exempt does not mean your…

Created by ex-SpaceX engineers. Looks & feels like a baseball cap. Safe as a traditional helmet. | Check out 'Park & Diamond: Foldable Bike Helmet' on Indiegogo.

America wants you gone? Please enjoy a last look at the tennis dome and the climbing wall at Fort Snelling.

Here's an idea: What if there was a way to promote access to justice while having fun at the same time? That is the idea of a unique project launching toda

Does the recent turbulence in emerging markets mean global growth will slow? New research suggests otherwise. 

OJO Labs, based in Austin, Texas, empowers consumers to make better decisions through its conversational AI, “OJO.” For homebuyers and sellers, its leading-edge, machine-learning assistant OJO engages consumers through mobile messaging and innovative web experiences that reimagines the home transaction

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA—In a press conference ahead of a meeting with U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman admitted Tuesday that journalist Jamal Khashoggi died during a botched assassination attempt. “We lured Mr. Khashoggi to our consulate in Turkey for what was supposed to be a straightforward, routine execution, but things went off the rails at some point during the torture…

Well, here's a sentence I never thought would exist: Check out the rack on that squirrel. There's a squirrel at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, and she's becoming a social media sensation, because of her very noticeable and large breasts.

From a Frank Gehry–designed concert hall in L.A. to an open-air amphitheater in Utah, these theaters boast just as much drama in their aesthetics as in their performances

A year in, some companies find digital transformation projects are stalled or scaled back; over budget and behind schedule; or canceled all together. Was the corporate culture ready?

Elevating Medical Alley as the global epicenter of health innovation and care

TUSCALOOSA, AL—In an effort to prevent further alcohol-related tragedy, University of Alabama administrators announced plans Tuesday to suspend all lightweights who can’t handle their shit following the hazing death of freshman Delta Kappa Epsilon pledge Matthew Young. “What happened to Matt this past weekend is entirely preventable, which is why we are immediately restricting all pipsqueaks who can’t even butt-chug a measly fucking 40 of Old…

Spoofing is a form of market manipulation in the commodity markets in which the trader bids or places orders with no intent of executing them. Later they are cancelled. The practice can distort the pricing in the markets and cause…Read more ›

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