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Oli Fisher discusses going from fighting for his playing rights to being the first man to shoot 59 on the European Tour 24 months later.

The current outbreak of Ebola in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo does not currently meet the criteria to constitute a public health emergency of international concern, according to the World Health Organization who held a meeting on the crisis on Wednesday. The DRC's Ministry of Health reported 216 cases of Ebola reported, including 139 deaths, 104 are confirmed and 35 deemed probable. "We do have some optimism that this outbreak, just like the one in May,

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White House officials said legal counsel Don McGahn has left his position effective Wednesday, after helping President Donald Trump confirm dozens of conservative judges who will remain on the bench for decades to come, according to National Public Radio. The confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh marked the end o McGahn's White House role, but he was also instrumental in confirming 29 appeals court judges and 52 district court judges, along with Kavanaugh and Justice Neil

Vietnam agreed to free the blogger known as "Mother Mushroom" on Wednesday after she was arrested in October 2016 and sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of defaming the Communist government of Vietnam for her writing and political action, according to The Guardian. The conviction of Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who started blogging in 2006 about human rights violations, pollution, and corruption in Vietnam, ignited a firestorm of criticism from international organizations and Western

New cases of a rare and paralyzing illness are popping up across the country. In Minnesota, a seventh child has been diagnosed. According to the CDC, there are now 62 cases of acute flaccid myelitis confirmed in 22 states ...

US President Donald Trump latest effort to reshape trade policies to support his “America First” agenda will focus over the next several months on three separate trade agreements with Japan, the UK and the EU, BBC News reported Wednesday. The negotiations come on the heels of the U.S. fighting a trade war with China, the world’s largest economy, the report said. "We will continue to expand U.S. trade and investment by negotiating trade agreements with Japan, the EU and the United Kingdom," US

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The caravan of migrants fleeing Honduras has grown to 4,000 as they traversed Guatemala as Mexican officials dispatched 500 federal police to its border in anticipation of their arrival on Wednesday, according to NBC News. The caravan had split into two groups as they moved north, with one now approaching the Mexico-Guatemala border with the intention to claim asylum once they arrive at the United States-Mexico border. U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 41,000 undocumented

A deadly virus affecting Minnesota's deer population has been confirmed in seven animals for the first time in the state.

October 17, 2018 - With no deal in sight, leaders are confronted with a difficult question: how much uncertainty to plan for.

LOS ANGELES—Asserting that he would never venture into the world of prestige film and television, actor Kevin James announced Monday that he is not considering a late-career shift towards more dramatic roles. “I can confirm that I am in no way planning a pivot toward taking on more weighty, serious roles,” said James, who also confirmed he has not spent a moment of free time filming a passion project that would explore darker, more personal themes. “You can expect me to continue making…

The U.S. has asked Turkey for a recording that could reveal gruesome details of what happened to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Donald Trump said. But he's not confirming there is any such recording.

Former Vice President Joe Biden told "CBS This Morning" that there was not yet justification to impeach President Trump

If you want an exercise that engages most of your muscles in one easy step, then you should plank. The plank is a simple, effective bodyweight exercise that strengthens your core, as well as muscles in your upper and lower body. Core muscles, which include your back and abdomen, help you maintain posture and balance as you stand, sit and move throughout the day.

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The top US burger chains were graded on their antibiotic policies in a collaborative report released this week. Only two chains received As. The other 23 got a D minus

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test that she says proves her claims of distant Native American heritage, although it has drawn scrutiny from Native groups and Republicans. What do you think?

The Barron County sheriff said 13-year-old Jayme Closs was in the home when her parents were shot and killed. She has been missing ever since.

Investigators are revealing more Wednesday about how the parents of a missing Wisconsin teenager died.

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