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Traditional roles no longer apply to basketball. Centers are guards, guards post up, and everyone shoots three-pointers.

After an early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis, Jerry Parks' family bought land in Plymouth and found a partner to run a 36-resident home.

In first year of new rules for giving, the negative effect that some had feared has not materialized.

Capital City Plaza Parking Ramp is being sold after failing to make enough money to pay the debt used to build it.

The closing of key venues has Twin Cities theater and dance artists scrambling for places to perform.

While Serena Williams is making headlines at the Australia Open, it’s her baby daughter’s doll, Qai Qai, that’s really starting to steal the show on social media. NBC’s Sarah Harman reports for TODAY.

Parking shortages, along with higher rents, property taxes and minimum wages put pressure on small retailers. "I'm concerned when I see stores like Bibelot closing and condos coming in," one shopper said.

Meet five of the smart, energized, and engaged millennials poised to drive Minnesota politics into the future.

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An interview with Jeff Foxworthy for a promo leading up to the hosting of the Bible Challenge game show. He talks about one of his favorite stories of the bi...

The polar vortex—the swirling winds above the arctic—has fractured into three rings that will spread freezing temperatures through the eastern U.S. in late January. What do you think?

Joost Luiten was delighted to make a strong start to 2019 after missing a large chunk of last season due to injury.

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