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BHOPAL:A message from her friend on her Facebook messenger gave Anjali (name changed) — a student pursuing engineering from a reputed college in Bhopal, a shock of her life. The hacker, posing as her friend, a student of SGSITS College in Indore — wrote she received a friend request from a fake Facebook account opened

Ecuador announced it was ejecting Venezuela's ambassador in a scathing statement which called the country's government led by President Nicolas Maduro "corrupt, murderous, and lying" in a s harp escalation of tensions between the two Latin American countries on Thursday, according to The Miami Herald. The action came after Venezuela's Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez accused Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno of "lying" over the number of Venezuelan migrants coming into the country, which

The Chinese city of Chengdu is attempting to r eplace electricity-powered streetlights and the Earth's moon with an artificial moon to help illuminate nighttime in China's Sichuan province on Thursday, according to Yahoo News. The People's Daily Online reported the chairman of the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co. Wu Chunfeng first posited the idea this week. Wu did not offer many specifics on the plan but said the "illumination satellite"

A Michigan woman said a Meijer's pharmacist refused to provide her medication which was provided to treat her miscarriage while claiming it was against his religious beliefs, according to NBC News. The Michigan branch of the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter of complaint to the regional supermarket chain which asked the company to require pharmacists to fill patients' prescriptions as written, regardless of the individual pharmacists' beliefs. The woman, Rachel Peterson, said she was

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Sen. Tina Smith says Senate work "is intensive and rewarding and frustrating sometimes because you want it to go faster." The contest between Smith and Karin Housley reflects stark political divisions and the high-stakes fight for control of the Senate.

Spacesuit replica maker Ryan Nagata brings to the cave several of his spacesuits and spacesuit parts he made for the movie First Man! Adam and Ryan talk about his build of the X15 suit seen in the film, the technical accuracy achieved by the costume department, and what he learned from making pieces to be filmed for camera.

Brazilian presidential candidate Fernando Haddad accused the right-wing frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro of carrying out an illegal mass messaging campaign on WhatsApp, the social media messaging app, which was funded by private businesses, which would be a violation of the South American country's campaign finance law on Thursday, according to Reuters. The leftist candidate denounced the campaign after it was first reported by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. The paper said wealthy

The program provides transit options for people leaving jail who are stuck in Hastings.

The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura announced this week he would be stepping down after four years in November from the position, but promised to make one major push to establish the framework for a new Syrian constitution, according to National Public Radio. De Mistura told the Security Council on Wednesday he would be leaving the position over "purely personal reasons" and said that has always been his plan to end his tenure in the final quarter of 2018…

Celebrating the history of credit unions International Credit Union (ICU) Day has been celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948.

While this Switch port is a bit underwhelming, the game is still fantastic and worth playing.

The city of Minneapolis and tribal leaders are fast tracking plans for temporary housing, as they look to relocate people currently living in a homeless encampment along Hiawatha Avenue.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t find job advertisements for user experience developers? For that matter, why do designers monopolize improving the experience of users?
It is not like designers are the only people who impact the user experience. After all, the user experience is not the same thing as the user interface. The user’s experience is affected by many things beyond the interface.

TULSA, OK—Wondering why nobody bothered to tell him about the far easier alternative this whole time, sprinter Eric Powell admitted Thursday that he feels like a total idiot after finding out about jogging. “Jesus, I can’t believe I’ve been working my ass off, pushing myself to run as fast as humanly possible when I could’ve been trotting around the track this whole time,” said Powell, who explained that he learned about the slower form of running when he saw several joggers and, assuming…

Spend any amount of time on Twitter — even just 8 seconds or so — and you're likely to come across some extreme negativity. Some of it is just an accurate reflection of the times we live in, but a lot of it is unnecessary and out-of-left-field anonymous vitriol
Athletes are in the cross hairs of plenty of the most vapid and hurtful critiques from the fringes of egg avatar Twitter, particularly if they have the temerity to lose a game, make an…

The Dutch brewing company says a lack of shared data, not enough collaboration and marketers not investing in the right places is holding back its ecommerce ambitions.

A major, two-night investigation of the powerful social media platform’s impact on privacy and democracy in the U.S. and around the world.

A federal district court judge denied Paul Manafort’s request to wear a suit in court, saying he should wear prison garb just like any other defendant post-conviction. What do you think?

With the Federal Reserve committed to even more rate hikes, you can expect the cost of those credit cards to get even more expensive.

Christine McConnell is the artist behind some of the Internet's most inventive desserts (check out these mischievous Gremlin cakes she baked in June), as well as viral photoshoots like her