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The new Elimination playlist confers bonuses, and now's the time to hit rank thresholds for rank 10 and 20 care packages.

The United Nations released a new report on Monday which predicted the world's population will expand by nearly 2 billion people over the next 26 years, according to Phys Org. The "World Population Prospects" report said half of that growth will be concentrated in only nine countries as the rest of the world continues to get older. India is projected by UN experts to become the world's most populated country by 2027. The report said by 2050 more than half the world's population…

Elephants are highly intelligent, beautiful animals whose presence on the Earth is sadly threatened by habitat loss and poaching. To ensure these majestic creatures never go extinct, humans must be good stewards to them and should absolutely never kill them, except in the case of the following 20 completely acceptable circumstances.

Ending a tenure marked by a combative relationship with the press and repeated fabrications, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving her post at the end of the month. What do you think?

LOS ANGELES—Telling them that a first-quarter illegal use of hands is something that will stick with them for the rest of their game, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul reportedly spent Wednesday afternoon encouraging an assembly of students at Waterloo Elementary School to stay out of foul trouble. “I used to get in foul trouble a lot as a kid, and I don’t want to see that happen to you guys,” said the seven-time All-Star, adding that the fourth- and fifth-graders need…

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Ireland's Taoiseach Leo Varadkar unveiled a new climate change action plan on Monday which he said provided a "way forward that is both effective and sensible," according to The Guardian. Varadkar said the plan will help “nudge people and businesses to change behavior” and address climate change across the country. He said this plan is "one that achieves our targets, and in a way that is thought through and considered, supports employment and living standards and enables a just transition." The

Watch as former Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer's jersey is retired at Target Field.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Prior to Saturday night’s game, the Twins paid tribute to one of the most celebrated figures in the franchise’s history by officially retiring Joe Mauer’s No. 7.
After rain avoided the Twin Cities area during the game to allow for a celebration of the past, a pair of

MINNEAPOLIS -- Kyle Gibson thought his warmup session in the bullpen before Friday night’s game was as erratic as he had been in a while.
“It felt like I slept on my right arm all night,” he said.
Gibson quickly found his feel for his curveball and changeup, and he