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Beautiful Boy teams Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet in an adaptation of two memoirs, ‘Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction’ and ‘Tweak,’ by David and Nic Sheff. The...

Beverly Lewis-Clarke, Assistance League chapter president, said two duffel bags containing the puppets and props were taken from her car while it was parked at the Venetian Gardens in Stockton.

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Psalm 23 is God’s way of saying, “I made you to need Me. I am with you no matter what.” In every situation, in every season, our Shepherd is with us. In the green pastures and beside still waters, He is with us.

Is your dishwasher soap not dissolving or soap dispenser not opening? Our video explains the most common dispenser issues and how to get your dishwasher soap dispenser working again.

Distal Needling Acupuncture is a highly effective method of acupuncture featured at Minneapolis clinic Complete Oriental Medical Care. Call 612-866-4000 to find out more.

In an era dominated by technological transformation, management by metric and unicorn-or-bust business plans, Patrick Lencioni has a powerful, contrarian message for CEOs: Lasting success won’t arise out of better AI or luring talent with dubious promises of “purpose.”

Neustar helps clients grow, guard, and guide their businesses with the most complete understanding of how to connect people, places, and things
Sarasota, FL
Sarasota, FL
Jack W. Brown III Esq. is president of Gulf Coast Collection Bureau in Sarasota, Fla
Brown graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in business management, and earned a Juris Doctor and MBA from Stetson University…

At the first Homecoming Day pep fest in the newly renovated Hutchinson High School, crowds of students, parents and community members packed into the new gym to see a coronation.

When Century College and HealthPartners created a paid apprenticeship program, it created the opportunity of a lifetime for student Lily Vang.

Keeping your home fit and up to date is a constant process. Summer weather can be hard on a home, just as winter is. As we head into the fall season, put these 6 home maintenance tips on your to do list to keep your home up to par! 1. Check your furnace. With mild …

Skeptical social media consumers are cutting back on use, trying meta social platforms that help curb consumption. Gen Z is wary of student debt, so they're not messing around with fluff college courses and degrees. Gen Z instead is seeking safe career paths. And how to SEO in six steps.

We love genuinely great movies about the journey into space. The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, and the documentary For All Mankind are all favorites. Now it seems like First Man, opening on October 12,...

ACA has filed an amicus brief in the ongoing lawsuit between a consumer and health club over whether the term ATDS includes equipment that merely has the capacity to automatically dial stored numbers.

With incontinence, any slight pressure on the bladder, such as a laugh, a sneeze, a cough or exercise, triggers the release of a small amount of urine. While a pad helps with the consequences, it doesn't address the source of the incontinence. Thankfully, there is help and hope.

The term “Payment Notification” is the top healthcare phishing attack subject, appearing in more than half of healthcare phishing attack campaigns in 2018.

ERIK'S Bike, Board and Ski now offers Kids downhill ski and snowboard leasing for the whole season. We make it easy - get your lease equipment in 3 easy steps!

Liaisons for Assistance League of Mid-Missouri are making their way around to school buildings this week to award 176 grants to teachers and other school

Wisconsin-based Pizza Chain Continues Focus on Quality with its In-House Made and Handcrafted Dessert with a Limited Time Pumpkin Spice Version for Fall Whitewater, WI ( For nearly three decades Toppers Pizza has proven itself to be the leader in innovation when it comes to the pizza industry, with an assortment of fresh and handcrafted items. This fall, the brand is excited to introduce its newest…

Megan and Kale Hins will share their family story of navigating life with a daughter and sister on the autism spectrum.
"At age two, Lily was starting to sing notes to her favorite Disney songs and even sing "I love you" to Trevor and me. That lasted only a month before she stopped. She stopped talking all together and stopped trying to communicate."

Ortofon is continuing the celebration of their 100th Anniversary with the release of a very special product. The SPU Century combines the classic SPU fit and finish with Ortofon's latest technology, including the unique SLM manufacturing process. We're now accepting pre-orders for this amazing cartridge.

Designed and voiced specifically for the Triple Jazzmaster by pickup guru Tim Shaw, this calibrated pickup set sports sleek chrome Filter'Tron™ covers. The throaty, powerful-sounding bridge pickup is matched to chiming neck and middle pickups for flexible sound. It wouldn't be a Jazzmaster without some electronic twists, and this model sports a standard 5-way pickup switch with traditional Strat® layout and a special 2-way toggle switch…

Every time you step outside or drive your car, you’re susceptible to accelerating the aging process.  It’s called atmospheric aging.

Seth Meyers goes home again this weekend as host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and though the trip from his Late Night perch isn’t exactly a long one it makes for a decent promo. “…

Incredible Amazing Electric Bike - Dave's Back Story Learn more at -

Partnership Academy is now in its thirteenth year of operation and continues to thrive and grow through a strong model for student success. Approximately 300 students and 50 staff members build a strong community that has been recognized with many accolades, including Celebration School status from the Minnesota Department of Education and the highest value-add score available through the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching

Stillwater doctor Nick Meyer’s diet plan is simple: Eat an appropriate number of cups of food per day — of any food you want, within reason — to lose or maintain weight. Meyer, the author of “The P…

In 1:1 marketing, product-level targeting is “almost” taken for granted. I say almost, because most so-called personalized messages are product-based, rarely people-oriented marketing. Even from mighty Amazon, we see rudimentary product recommendations as soon as we buy something.

Writing a blog for your business and want consumers and Google to find your content? Here are 6 SEO best practices every blog should have.

Global Biosimilars Pathways and Clinical Development Activity Since the introduction of the first biosimilar guidelines in 2005, the biosimilars field has continued to evolve. Almost 30 biosimilar molecules are currently marketed in the United States and Europe alone.

Michael B. Jordan gets back into the ring as Adonis Creed in Creed 2. The movie is both the first sequel to 2015’s smash hit Creed, and the eighth installment in the Rocky franchise. In Adonis’s...