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Satoko Ichihara/Kristine Haruna Lee, Jun Tsutsui/Soraya Broukhim, Kuro Tanino/Mallory Catlett
|The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center presented the Japanese Playwrights Project (Day 1) livestreamed on the global, commons-based peer-produced HowlRound TV network at on Monday 12 November and Tuesday 13 November 2018.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea announced search crews recovered seven more bodies in the Camp Fire burn area on Thursday, which brought the death toll to 63, according to The Los Angeles Times. But said the number of those unaccounted for dramatically increased from 130 on Wednesday night to more than 630 people on Thursday. Crews had found three bodies in Magalia, three in Paradise, and on in Concow. The Camp Fire was still only 40% contained on Wednesday evening after burning through…

A new report from Human Rights Watch detailed many of the major health crises facing Venezuelans even though Caracas continue to deny the extent of the humanitarian crisis facing its healthcare network as it battles outbreaks of malaria, diphtheria, HIV, and widespread malnutrition. HRW researchers traveled to the Colombian and Brazilian borders to detail the extent of the humanitarian crisis facing those who are still in Venezuela and the more than 2 million who have already fled the country

When we come to our Bibles, many of us bring questions. Here are ten of your best questions about Bible reading, answered by Pastor John.

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Mesude Cingilli
When Mesude Cingilli joined the Minneapolis Fed as a junior financial analyst in 2002, she left a more senior job—and higher pay—to do it. It was, in a sense, her dream job
“When I was in college taking my first finance class, Alan Greenspan was Fed chair … and we talked about how powerful the Fed was,” Cingilli said. “I thought to myself, ‘I really want to work for the Fed one day.’”
Then she did.…

It's been three years since two Minneapolis police officers shot and killed Jamar Clark in north Minneapolis. Clark's death sparked weeks of protests, including an occupation of the 4th Police Precinct ...

Lunda/C. S. McCrossan has bid more than $799 million. It was the only company still in the running after another company elected to drop out of the process ...

United Nations diplomatic sources said an attack on U.N. peacekeepers left at least seven dead and ten wounded in an area that's the center of the Democratic Republic of Congo's worst Ebola epidemic on Thursday, according to Reuters. “Our peacekeeping colleagues tell us that six peacekeepers from Malawi and one from Tanzania who are part of the U.N. peacekeeping operation in the DRC ... were killed yesterday, in Beni territory, in North Kivu,” U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters in

Black Friday doesn’t need to be nuts. It should be full of drinking tasty beer with friends and family, live music, and fun shopping in a calm and controlled environment. You can do without all the insane shoppers trampling over one another for .97 towels, so come grab a pour of our newly released Imperial …

This podcast could bring life and joy, or it could be a deadly weapon in the enemy’s hands. Pastor John explains how not to use Ask Pastor John.

New federal data released on Thursday revealed teachers and librarians had some of the lowest suicide rates in the United States, while male construction workers were some of the highest, according to CNN. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned suicides were continuing to rise across the entire country but construction workers and miners had some of the highest rates. “In 2012 and 2015, suicide rates were highest among males in the construction and extraction occupational group,”

A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid, typically water, is heated. The steam or heated fluid exits the boiler typically for the heating older homes. The reason we ...

Do you have to stand long hours for work? On What's Next? with Diana Pierce, Dr. Paul Langer, a foot doc with Twin Cities Orthopedics and University of Minne...

Kim Porter, Diddy's former longtime girlfriend and the mother of three of his children, has died at age 47.

ST. LOUIS—A group of fully grown men felt inspired Saturday by a stupid little sign hanging in a locker room and expressed their exhilaration by shouting, clapping their hands, and jumping around, baffled eyewitnesses confirmed.

What some might say is the best game of all time is now ready to enjoy on your personal computer.

At 1:15 a.m. on a recent Tuesday the alarm, like it has for three-plus decades, sounded. And Dave Coopman responded. As he readied, three thoughts entered his mind:

In a recent interview, A Song of Ice And Fire author George R.R. Martin admitted that the plot’s expansiveness and the pressures of expectations have caused him to struggle with the Game Of Thrones new book The Winds Of Winter. What do you think?

Report finds some progress with taxes and infrastructure but concern lingers over hiring and slower growth.

Country star Roy Clark, the guitar virtuoso and singer who headlined the cornpone TV show "Hee Haw" for nearly a quarter century and was known for such hits as "Yesterday

BEIJING—In an effort to reduce the risk of overpopulation within the Muslim ethnic group, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the decision Thursday to implement a new one-Uighur policy. “This new policy is an important step in keeping the Uighur population down to a number we find most manageable and best for the nation as a whole,” said the general secretary of the Communist Party of China…

Johnson replaces Garvin Alston, who was let go when manager Paul Molitor was fired following the Twins' season, according to reports.

The 2nd single off of the album "THE DEMONSTRATION" (DAIS090, 2017 DAIS RECORDS). Directed and edited by: Amanda Siegel | Lighting by: Marfisia Bel | Starrin...

Fourth through sixth-graders at Walsh Elementary have been learning how to make paper and carve out images in their art class.

Learn about professionals' shopping habits at work this holiday season and the cities where employees plan to shop the most in this infographic from Robert Half Technology.

LONDON – With more than 50 bones and 60 joints, your feet provide you with mobility, balance, and support. Keeping them healthy and protecting them with proper footwear is essential to overall good health. While everyday foot care can be done at home, specific foot-related problems may need to be addressed with your physician. Basic Foot …

The Gophers men's basketball team didn't have the season they were hoping for in 2017-18. The whole team is looking to rebound this season, perhaps nobody more so than senior Dupree McBrayer.

The Gophers (12-8-2) are underdogs on the road against No. 4. UCLA (15-3-1), but head coach Stefanie Golan said Minnesota embraces the that role.