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Babies are the target audience for a Minnesota Opera work that dares to think small.

Four Quartets is a great book of poems to read when you're traveling, or moving from one place to the next (when aren't we?): A summary from an episode of The

In this week’s newsletter: how to set up a bliss station anywhere, paying attention, and more...

In this interview, author of Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon, discusses the books that have influenced and inspired his life and career.

Critics including victim's of El Salvador's bloody civil war, human rights groups, and the United Nations have come out to oppose a bill which would offer amnesty for former military personnel and leftist guerillas who committed atrocities during the 1980-1992 conflict in Congress on Thursday, according to The Atlantic. The bill is currently being discussed by El Salvadoran lawmakers in committee but could include a prohibition on jail time for those accused of atrocities where 8,000 people went

Japan is preparing to host United States President Donald Trump starting this Saturday for a four-day state visit by planning a number of historic events, according to The Washington Post. Reactions on social media on Thursday was both sympathetic and critical of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his plan to have Trump be the first foreign leader to meet Japan's new emporer, Naruhito, but also allowing him to present a special "Trump Cup" to the winner of the first sumo tournament of the…

Legislators found no common ground on proposals ranging from carbon free electricity to electric vehicle subsidies.

There are plenty of ideas for mealtime cooking in these terrific volumes.

From catalog websites to fully integrated B2B eCommerce websites, Insite illustrates 8 ways manufacturers can approach eCommerce to reach their goals.

Respond Software raises $20 million; seeks to displace MSSPs in cybersecurity channel even as it lines up MSPs and VARs for its partner program.

The Hockey Hall of Famer will assist owner Craig Leipold and team president Matt Majka starting Sept. 1.

For many people going through a divorce, the prospect of moving out and living alone can be scary. Here are some tips to make it less lonesome.

Minneapolis is the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. No other American city has a chain of lakes, the mighty Mississippi, and 200 miles of walking, biking and cross country ski trails within the city limits literally steps from the most vibrant arts and music scene outside NYC, the best shopping in the region, and museums among the finest in the nation.

As of Monday night, Gov. Tim Walz had signed 25 bills into law in Minnesota.

It’s been over a year since the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) became a law. Many predicted detrimental consequences for the nonprofit sector, mainly due to a significant increase in the standard deduction. This increase would make the threshold for deducting charitable gifts difficult to meet for many donors, causing great concern that the industry would experience significant decreases in charitable giving.