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The musical that took home eight Tonys in 2012 makes its regional premiere at Theater Latté Da ~ (612) 333-3612 ~ Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding Reviews. Downtown Minneapolis doggy daycare and boarding dog kennel. Also profession...

New research says one of the most common weedkillers is harmful to the bacteria found in the guts of honeybees which then makes them more prone to fatal infections, according to The Guardian. A new study published this week from researchers at the University of Texas at Austin said the active ingredient in the weedkiller made by Monsanto, Glyphosate, could be contributing to the global decline in bees and a loss of their habitat along with damages to the bees' microbiota. “We demonstrated…

Earlier this year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pegged Prime subscribers at 100 million. One analyst thinks the number will go much, much higher.

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh repeatedly denied accusations of attempted sexual assault and sexual misconduct during a Monday night interview with Fox News after the allegations have now threatened to derail his confirmation. Kavanaugh appeared with his wife, Ashley Kavanaugh, in the exclusive interview where he denied the accusation from California professor Christine Blasey Ford which said he covered her mouth as he attempted to remove her clothing during a

new record by HEPA.TITUS 15 new songs clear-pink vinyl silkscreened slip-in cover artwork by Mow Skwoz

With the new facility, the Center City-based nonprofit will operate in 10 states.

Dunkin’ has pumpkin spice, the flannels are out, the morning air is as crisp as the apples we’re chowing down on, and the leaves have begun to reveal a colorful array of gold and maroon…

WASHINGTON—In an effort to cut condiment expenses and address the gluttony, waste, and utter lack of self-restraint exhibited by Americans, officials from the fast food industry announced Monday a new policy prohibiting all customers from dispensing their own ketchup.

The United States State Department released a report on Monday which said the Myanmar military engaged in a "well-planned and coordinated" campaign against the Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine State which includes a number of atrocities including gang rapes, mass killings, arson, and more, according to Reuters. The State Department's 20-page report could trigger further U.S. sanctions or other retributive measures against Myanmar's military officials. The report did not identify the military

Today I’m bringing you the audio version of a talk I gave at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam earlier this year on a topic that’s top of mind for many of us, which is the rise of AI and automation and the implications it may have for our careers – whether you’re a truck driver or a radiologist or a graphic designer, you’ve probably had a moment in the past year or two where you saw a news piece and asked yourself…

Las Vegas will soon have to find a way to go on without Celine Dion, who announced Monday that her concert residency will end next year.

The majority of authors will not benefit from paid book reviews, and should invest their time and money elsewhere. Here's why.

I take a call from Chloe, a teenager who thinks her dad needs a more creative life - I look at it from a few angles and give both her and her dad some sugges...

A Thursday night meeting with NFC West power Los Angeles leaves little time for preparation.

With new talent, an updated store, and a wholesaling strategy, Askov Finlayson expands its footprint—minus the carbon.

What's not to love about this mouthwatering dessert? When paired with a dry cider, this dish is the ideal ending to a crisp, autumn evening meal or Thanksgiving

Chicago will form a task force to consider implementing a universal basic income program, which would make monthly payments to a number of Chicago families without any conditions. What do you think?

We welcome the successful conclusion of negotiations between our governments that have resulted in amendments and modifications to improve the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement.

The AACDCF Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program heals some of the most devastating effects of domestic and sexual violence.

From Alternate Moons, by Robert Pufleb and Nadine Schlieper Alternative Moons is a book of moon photos with a surprising twist: the moons are actually pancakes

The Minnesota Department of Corrections says an officer died Monday due to a medical emergency after responding to an officer being assaulted.

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Jackbox Games has revealed a release date for the next installment of its party-game sensation.

A man on trial in the death of a pregnant North Dakota woman whose baby was cut from her womb told a fellow jail inmate whose ex-girlfriend had an abortion that he would have cut out the baby, according to testimony in the case Monday.

Internal controls are essential to proper financial reporting. It is thus critical that firms maintain the proper controls and foster the appropriate environment. When deficiencies appear the firm must promptly assess the situation. Failing to conduct a full assessment –…Read more ›