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We spend several hours with one of the most anticipated Switch games yet
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is A Crossover Event 20 Years In The Making
We spend several hours with one of the most anticipated Switch games yet.
by Brian Shea on Nov 19, 2018 at 07:00 AM
Publisher: Nintendo
In 1999, an ambitious crossover game allowed players to experience the video game fights of their dreams. Who would win in a showdown between Mario and Donkey Kong? Could Samus overtake…

Of the 117 incidents in the third quarter, 86 were disclosed by healthcare providers, 13 by a health plan, 13 by business associates, and 5 by businesses, according to the report.

Many of us have picked up that screwdriver or wrench with the best of intentions. I’ll admit, I probably inflate my ability to build or fix things. We all want to be able to say we got it done. But often, the home improvement project or home repair is beyond our own capabilities. Luckily,

The holiday season has begun, which means that dozens of studies are being issued forecasting spending trends, retail destinations and shopping attitudes. This latest annual data hub (which will be updated periodically during the holiday period) highlights key points from holiday-related research for what looks to be an enthusiastic season in terms of consumer spending. [Editor’s Note:… Read More »

Australian police announced on Tuesday morning they arrested three individuals who were planning to attack the public in Melbourne, just after weeks ago when a man drove a car into a crowd before fatally stabbing one man in Australia's second-largest city, according to Reuters. Australian federal and state police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, and other agencies which form part of the Joint Counter Terrorism Team carried out the arrests of the suspects, aged 21, 26, and 30,

Canadian diplomats said they feel their foreign ministry was preserving relations with Cuba by refusing to publicly speak out after they experienced several mysterious health symptoms along with diplomats from the United States who were stationed in Havana, according to The Guardian. Canada said it was removing the families of all staff from Havana after dozens of Canadian and U.S. diplomats complained of symptoms ranging from memory issues, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. The Globe and Mail

“And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter. And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.” – John 10:22-23 How Jewish is Jesus? So Jewish that He never celebrated Christmas and always observed Hanukkah. During His earthly ministry, Hanukkah was known as the feast of dedication. In fact, […]

A doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant, and a Chicago police officer were dead after a shooting at Chicago's Mercy Hospital, according to local reports on Monday night. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said the gunman, who was in a relationship with the doctor, also died, but it was unclear if he died from police gunfire or a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The deceased officer was identified as Samuel Jiminez, a father of three, who had joined the CPD in

SALEM, OR—Saying their respective justifications were “good to go” whenever necessary, local couple Mark Wondrich, 25, and Cara Marshall, 27, reported Friday that they each have a comprehensive list of reasons why they should break up with the other on standby. “Things are actually going pretty well with Cara right now, but just in case it starts to go bad, I’ve got a dozen or so reasons why it’s best to call it quits on our relationship that I can pull out at…

U.S. officials and internal government emails revealed the White House was preparing to add Venezuela to the United States list of state sponsors of terrorism on Monday, according to The Washington Post. The move would be a remarkable escalation after President Donald Trump criticized Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro since the list is typically used for governments accused of providing "support for acts of international terrorism." The current list only includes Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and

This is either America's most intriguing or most disgusting burger and we're really not sure which. There's a burger spot in Anaheim, California called Ground House. And they just rolled out a new

When Eric Idle of Monty Python and Spamalot fame Tweeted asking for help in adapting his "little padded case" for his Danny Ferrington travel guitar, Adam Sa...

Most of the events will be open to the public for free or at low cost. Video of many events will be made available online. Read More

A Spanish voice actor upset about losing a role may have leaked a new Netherrealm Studios game.

This issue is all about tools. You'll find tiny hammers, three-headed shovels, trowels with teeth, handmade paintbrushes, and more. Plus, we talk self-care w...

Barr has missing the past three games because of a lingering hamstring injury.

CINCINNATI—Describing it as a major time-saver over traditional napkins, Procter & Gamble announced Thursday the release of its new Bounty pre-sauced napkins, which have been expressly designed to be removed from the package and immediately thrown into the trash. “With this new innovation, we’ve cut out all the extra steps between procuring a napkin and then crumpling it up and discarding it,” said the company’s director…

Coolibar offers sun protective clothing, UV protection swimwear, sun hats, and sunscreen that will help protect against the UV rays that cause skin cancer and sunburns.

Ivanka Trump reportedly violated federal records rules by sending emails to government officials on her personal email in 2017, according to a new report from