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Written by St. Paul Central High School graduates, it's the story of what happened when a black couple moved from their longtime home in the Rondo neighborhood to a new house on Sargent Avenue in the rising middle-class enclave of Groveland Park in the 1920s.

It's the dead of winter, meaning the weather in New England can be brutal. And that the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl.

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GRAND ISLE, LA—Unsure when he would feel such a compulsion again, local man Robert Malbrook told reporters Wednesday that he had no choice but to ride an unexpected urge to clean as far as it will take him. “I could be doing other things, but I have to take advantage of this while I still can,” said Malbrook, wiping down the counters of his kitchen and sweeping up the crumbs around the trash can in an impulsive flurry of activity that he was…

The world's oldest man has died at his home — a hot springs inn — in northern Japan at the age of 113.

With Resident Evil 2 around the corner, we want to know which remake you hold most dear.

LITTLE ROCK, AR—Annoyed by all the regular updates from home concerning his former classmates, 26-year-old graphic designer John Galleon told reporters Tuesday that he wished his mother would stop sending him newspaper clippings anytime someone he went to school with was murdered. “She can’t help herself. Every single time one of my old classmates turns up in a dumpster or something, I get an article about it in the mail, even if it’s about someone I hadn’t been friends with since middle school…

(RNS) — Eighty years ago, the anti-Nazi activist Dietrich Bonhoeffer traveled back to Germany. Had he survived World War II, he might have become a global leader in fostering respect between Christians and Jews.

I have very few absolutes in my life. I see how often God’s creation places exceptions to the rule in front of us, and I lean toward situational analysis in

My favorite poem of the year is a toss-up between Lao Tzu or this Ron Padgett gem, from his Collected Poems. It's unfashionable to admit it, but I do own a

The good news is that, according to science, you have the ability to control the happiness you feel.