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Yep: this one’s for the fans! If you’re a fan, here are five classic moments you will most certainly remember!

Here’s a story about an absolutely disgusting animal that will make you furious: This dog can smell cancer, and he gets really, really happy when he does.

The United States Supreme Court on Monday denied a legal attempt from U.S. troops who were sickened by smoke from open-air burn pits used to dispose of waste in Afghanistan and Iraq to hold defense contractors KBR Inc and Halliburton Co. responsible, according to Reuters. The justices left a 2018 lower court ruling in favor of the private companies in place. There were more than 60 lawsuits alleging that KBR Inc, a former Halliburton subsidiary, dumped tires, batteries, medical waste, and other

NEW YORK—Saying she had no idea the final chords were going to go on as long as they did, local R&B singer Kaila Robinson decided Monday that she might as well just keep moaning into the mic until the end of the song. “Well, I finished all of the words I planned to sing and we still have 30 seconds on the track, so...I might as well just some make deep, emotive noises for a while,” said Robinson, adding that she would probably…

The Great Northern, a collaborative festival in Minneapolis and Saint Paul showcases the best outdoor dining and event experiences the North has to offer during the frostiest months of the year.

British Prime Minister Theresa May warned MPs if they did not support her Brexit deal "for the country's sake," they would risk leaving the European Union without a deal or not leaving at all a day before Tuesday's Commons vote, according to BBC News. May warned of "paralysis in Parliament" if her deal was rejected and said British citizens' trust in politics would suffer from "catastrophic harm" if the United Kingdom did not leave the EU. Parliament is set to vote on the…

Local hero Robin Asbell takes on the world of high-protein vegan meats for the home cook.