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Win two spots on the 2019 Sierra Club Switzerland Outing with roundtrip airfare included!

After going through a divorce, many became so consumed about the divorce itself that it’s hard to know where to turn next. For many, it’s hard to...

The pro-abortion group NARAL is spearheading a $5 million campaign to make sure Democrats retake the majority in the House. The “Pro-Choice Majority Makers” program, which targets Repub…

Walk into a library and you can feel
The sacredness of this secular space.
Available to you for the asking,
With librarians as the guides for the curious and the willing.


This is a fundraiser for the Twin Cities Juneteenth organization featuring a musical and a silent auction of African Artifacts. Several invited gues

Watch Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson stream the opening segment from Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human right now!

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we offer up this delightfully low-budget television commercial promoting Love and Rockets' 1986 album Express — the existence of which is fairly surprising, considering it would be three years before ...

Park visitation is at a record high – good for tourism, not so good for peace and quiet. From Acadia to Zion, Bryce Canyon to Yosemite, leading writers and environmentalists share their alternatives to the most popular spots

The Minnesota Dental Foundation and Minnesota Dental Association learned of Gabby's story from the KARE11 story on May 23, 2018, and wanted to help make a difference. Both organizations have committed to donating funds and to help spread the word. Please share this GoFundMe to support Gabby an...

Any parent who has been through a divorce can tell you that figuring out child custody can be a complex process. How a couple will share co-parenting responsibilities following a split isn't always straightforward, and a variety of factors can play a…

Instagram's exceedingly visual interface has taken the social media marketplace by storm since its launch in 2010. The recent addition of a stories feature

There are quite simply times when people just don’t want or need to think about what they are drinking.
They’ve got enough to do. But they do care.

The major airlines had suspended its non-stop survives to Mumbai in 2009. It had then blamed Middle Eastern airlines for hurting its ability to operate in parts of Asia. "It is exciting to be able to announce Delta's return to India from the US as part

Activists say that Bangladeshi police have shot more than 50 accused drug traffickers in the past week during an anti-narcotics crackdown operation, sparking fears about a Duterte-style drug war with widespread extrajudicial killings, according to The Guardian. Even though the campaign claims to be targeting the "drug menace" inside the country, one family member said their relative was actually an opposition political activist who never touched drugs which has raised concerns from some that the

The devil is not an artist but a vandal. He doesn’t create; he distorts, disfigures, and defaces what God makes.

It's actually two: The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to award-winning beverages.

Nebraska State Police confirmed on Thursday they found almost 120 pounds (54 kilograms) of fentanyl, the powerful synthetic painkiller which has been contributing to the widespread opioid crisis in the United States, according to BBC news. The seizure was one of the largest busts in U.S. history. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said the amount seized could kill more than 26 million people. Police had uncovered the drugs hidden inside a fake compartment of a truck, so both the driver

For speakers and assembled guests, the memories of that day began with the sound of helicopters, which descended on the rural Iowa town of 2,200 to detain nearly 400 immigrant workers of the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant.

North Korea delivered a statement on Thursday evening which said it was willing to forge ahead with a summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump "at any time," just hours after Trump suddenly canceled the meeting after fiery rhetoric and "tremendous anger" from Pyongyang, according to The Washington Post. Vice Foreign Minister Kim Gye Gwan wrote the statement emphasized how Pyongyang was positioning themselves as the mature parties of the Singapore meeting. Kim said the two countries

Fraser serves children and adults with special needs through comprehensive education, healthcare and housing services. Fraser is Minnesota's largest and most experienced provider of autism services.

Our first update from our beloved Donna Valentine and her vacation in New Jersey is...

Timberwolves teammates Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler were both named third-team All-NBA on Thursday, putting Towns in a position to cash in in a big way this offseason. Towns already was eligible to sign a…

Mai Mai militia members attacked Banro Corp's eastern Congo Namoya gold mine on Thursday, using rifles and artillery fire, killing five people, according to a Banro geologist who spoke to Reuters. Several more were wounded in the second attack targeting the mine in less than a year. “The rebels tried to take expatriate workers on site as hostages but they didn’t succeed because they couldn’t reach the place where they were taking refuge,” geologist Bienfait Mukelo told Reuters by telephone. The