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Donald Trump Jr. tries very hard to win his father’s affections. From his relentless backing of Donald Sr. with no inkling of adoration or appreciation in return, to his almost daily tweets in which he praises dear old dad as someone he respects and strives to be like. None of that, however, is reason enough … Continued

Omarosa Maginault-Newman released a recording on Monday of a phone call with Mr. Trump made the day after she fired. Trump is heard claiming ignorance about her firing, and can be heard saying: ‘Omarosa? Omarosa what’s going on? I just saw on the news that you’re thinking about leaving? What happened?’ Apparently, that is not all … Continued

In early July, Mr. Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court vacancy left behind after Justice Anthony Kennedy made the decision to retire from the bench. Kavanaugh is expected to have a confirmation hearing on September 4, 2018. In anticipation of that hearing, Democrats have requested documents from Kavanaugh’s White House tenure. However, on … Continued