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With the 2018 midterm elections being just a little over two weeks away, Mr. Trump is doing anything to boost Republicans’ chances of winning at this point, even to the point of creating blatant lies, which isn’t so shocking coming from such a deeply corrupt individual. On Saturday, Trump stunned reporters with a wild midterm … Continued

For a party that’s doing its best to keep seats in Congress and across the nation, the GOP has a habit of picking some of the worst candidates ever. What’s especially worse is the way they will continue to support their candidates, even when it’s become obvious they’re hiding something from their past. It’s been … Continued

One would have to imagine that police officers don’t like the fact that nearly everyone has the capability to record video of them doing their jobs, especially the cops who like to use excessive force during their workdays. Well, another video showing police brutality has been released this week and it shows a Florida officer … Continued