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A top member of the Senate Intelligence Committee appeared on the Sunday morning shows with a bombshell announcement. Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and the two years of his presidency, he has said nothing but good things about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. That was always curious, because POTUS beat everyone else with his outsized blistering stick … Continued

Donald Trump’s childish demand for an ineffective and unnecessary border wall, which suddenly became a humanitarian crisis just as Democrats took over the House and bombshells around the Mueller investigation began dropping on a daily basis, has left nearly a million American workers in dire straits. A bipartisan group of senators plan to send a … Continued

There’s only one political party in this country fighting for the American people, and that would be the Democrats. Republicans are fine backing Donald Trump who has done nothing but hurt Americans since the day he took office…even going so far as to shut down our government. Today the Democrats in the House were joined … Continued