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Peptic ulcers, or stomach ulcers, are breaks or holes in the lining of the stomach. An ulcer in the first part of the intestines is known as a duodenal ulcer. An ulcer in the stomach is known as a gastric ulcer. If you think you may have an ulcer, you should see a gastroenterologist. Gastroenterolog

By kawarthaNOW. Two real-life couples perform in Ahuri Theatre's remount of 'This Is The Point', presented by Public Energy.

A new online guide on disability access to 200 different sites in Hartlepool is set to be officially launched next month to help people in the area.

Winter storms have impacted the Northeastern region of the country, including the patients and staff at the Short Hills Surgery Center (SHSC) in Millburn, New

Para-athlete and disabled model Samanta Bullock will be sharing her lifestyle, fitness and fashion advice with Disability Horizons readers on our DHorizons Tribe Facebook groups. Read on to find out more.

The government’s recruitment of technology and product design disability champions represents a new chance for those seeking opportunities regardless of disability.

There are many ways that your local business can benefit from being present on social media. If you do it right.

After a hard day’s work, the last thing on our minds is the presentation of our dinner. Most of us are probably more inclined to stick something in the microwave or oven and then throw it on a plate without giving a second thought to how it’s presented. We’ve probably never considered that the design and properties of the cutlery we use can influence our enjoyment of what we’re about to sit down to eat
“Most of us aren’t mindful of the implicit…

I love diving and swimming in the ocean. It’s such a unique release from everything and an exhilarating way to get some exercise and feel at one with nature. I was fortunate enough to dive in the Blue Hole in Belize at the end of last year, which was spectacular. But there are some incredible dives to enjoy in our local British Virgin Islands waters too. There are always new wonders to find in the BVI. This photo is from a recent dive…

Education is holistic. The brain processes information in a myriad of ways, and as individuals we unconsciously favour styles of learning that stimulate certain senses more heavily than others. Different things work for different people
For example, let’s consider the four most common learner types
visual learners: prefer to visualise key information and concepts, through use of pictures, charts and so on.
auditory learners: prefer to…

One in 10 US adults has a food allergy, the most common being shellfish and peanut allergies, according to a new study published in JAMA Network Open.

2018 has come to a close and Google has released their most popular search trends for the year.

HCA Healthcare's chief epidemiologist answers the most frequently asked questions about the flu shot and why its important to get vaccinated.

Though many people never know they have one due to lack of symptoms, a hiatal hernia can cause complications which can affect your daily life. Knowing the signs and symptoms of this condition can help you spot its presence, alert your gastroenterologist, and get the treatment you need.
What is a hi