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AI is ready to improve customer service in the Healthcare industry, especially in the family doctor customer experience.

Bakruptcy and foreclosure are serious matters that demand serious legal expertise. Contact the premier foreclsoure attorneys in Miami now at 305-445-4855. Free case review!

Having a clean hull is crucial for your boat's performance, maneuverability, and fuel usage. This video will show you the steps you need to take to apply ant...

Digital transformation brings options for better team collaboration. Here are the tools Avaya recommends to simplify communications & optimize productivity.

In this workshop participants will gain skills and perspective and be introduced to the practical techniques needed to transition into a managerial role at a communications agency
• Become a confident manager people respect and want to work with
• Drive smart, innovative and on-time results
• Give critical feedback without demotivating our team members
• Engage…

Find out how you can position your contact center to take best advantage of changes in the customer experience (CX) landscape. Learn more about gathering customer sentiment information across all communication channels, the increasing influence of AI and digital assistants, securing customer privacy and more.

The PR Council offers substantial benefits to members. Join today to get access to the latest news and training for public relations professionals.

In 2010, Florida lawmakers amended the Florida Statute so that a motorcyclist may ride a bike without a helmet only under certain criteria.

Negligence describes a scenario wherein a person acts carelessly, which results in an injury or property damage to another party.

Communications and Trust
Fake news. Rising social activism. Heightened expectations for businesses to take the lead on solving pressing issues. Increased scrutiny and accountability on leadership. In a volatile environment, what are the expectations of communicators and how are they changing? What must we do to help our clients earn – or rebuild – trust? Join an interactive workshop with Global Chief Operating Officer, Edelman and…

WRT is a national collaborative practice of city and regional planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and architects headquartered in Philadelphia.

February 13th, Galentine's Day, consists of three important things: waffles, women, and wise words by the holiday's creator, Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler's character on the hit TV show Parks and Recreation. And it's time you celebrate the unofficial holiday IRL.

Bankruptcy is a complex mixture of federal and state law, as well as judicial precedents and local rules and procedures. This comment provides a very li...

Isrotel CEO Lior Raviv wanted to see what the hype about soft brand collections is all about, and he's discovering it firsthand with a new millennial-minde

From its red swimming pool to its serene villas and well-stocked reading room, everything about this boutique hotel in Koh Samui sets it apart from your traditional beachside resort.

Aloft Palm Jumeirah offers 206 loft-inspired guestrooms with 9-foot-high ceilings and views over the Arabian Gulf

According to the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety, Wisconsin OWI offenders are skipping out on or tampering with their ignition interlocks. That's why they would like to create a monitoring program.

While home insurance policies will cover some personal injury claims, they don't cover everything.

The truth is big game fishing is a great workout and with the right mindset and preparation, it can be even more beneficial than a typical day at the gym. To...

A Florida drunk driving involving a state trooper could be what the state needs to finally push for an all offender ignition interlock law.

The new Utah drunk driving law, changing the BAC to .05, is being recognized with the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

Located in Kalmar and Växjö, Linnaeus University is the university of Småland, a region famous for its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. With 2,100 employees and more than 34,000 students we are a modern university, with Småland as our base and the world as our stage Linnaeus University is today home to more than 2500 international students from over 40 countries studying different subjects within arts and…