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A US-based plaintiff has described as outrageous the manner in which Bermuda-domiciled, NYSE-listed insurance holding company Athene Holding Ltd. obtained an ex parte injunction at Bermuda Supreme Court staying a lawsuit it had filed in New York alleging fraud by Athene's controlling stakeholder, Apollo Global Management, of Delaware.

Response from Athene Holding Ltd. to Plaintiff's Letter regarding the Bermuda interim injunction in Central Laborers' Pension Fund v. Athene Asset Management LLC and Apollo Global Management LLC, both of Delaware, as Defendants, and Athene Holding Ltd., of Bermuda, as Nominal Defendant, at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.

Letter from the Plaintiff notifying a New York court that Bermuda-domiciled insurance holding company Athene Holding Ltd., whose shares are listed on NYSE, ran to a court in Bermuda to obtain what it represents to be an ex parte injunction purporting both to bar Plaintiff from prosecuting the New York Action and to require Plaintiff to take affirmative steps to stay this action in Central Laborers'…

It's simple--and you probably did it many times when you were a kid.

Find out how managers view temporary work in this infographic from Accountemps.

Most of us remember the awkwardness of high school. Between finding yourself and trying to fit in, it seemed as if every step of life was a major challenge. Nowadays it’s even worse. Concerns that kids didn't have to consider ten years ago, such as a photo going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons, makes it a whole new world for teenagers now.

Arbitration -- Dispute regarding amount city and county are entitled to receive as equity payment of five percent of net sales proceeds attributable to increased value of baseball franchise upon sale of franchise -- Under language of contracts between parties, dispute is subject to arbitration -- Trial court erred in entering preliminary injunction in favor of city and county and denying motion by seller and buyer…

Mercury is in retrograde, so expect some imbalance on the horizon.

Don't believe the hype: Monday's aren't always the absolute worst. Sure, you might still be nursing last weekend's hangover or dreading another five-day stretch of working for the man, but at least there are great concerts to look forward to all week long. Kick the week off right with the...

This week, chef Michael Beltran and his team will pair up with Ad Lib's Norman Van Aken for a one-night-only collaborative dinner. Plus, Matador Room's Pineapples & Pizza special will return, Books & Books will host a beer-pairing dinner with Concrete Beach Brewery, and Drunken Dragon will celebrate five years in Miami Beach.

Eyal Lifshitz has gone from watching his own father take on the rewards and challenges of being a business owner, to working for one of the most respected VC firms where he invested millions of dollars in startups, to founding his own company.

IRS has an Office of Appeals (OOA) that operates as an “independent” organization within the IRS. The goal of the OOA is to help Taxpayers resolve...

The cornerstone of WDNA's programming, Music Director Michael Valentine covers the entire spectrum of Jazz with new releases, classic favorites, and rare recordings.

It's Jazz with an added backbeat! Orlando presents the best of Latin Jazz including classics, new releases, world music, interviews, and the latest arts events. It's an invigorating and smart part of your midday.

“Jazz left-of-center” seldom featured on any other jazz broadcast. Including, but never limited to free jazz, boundary-stretching tonality, high-energy fusions with rock, classical, or electronic musics.

If there is an accident or incident involving a ladder, our team is often asked to investigate if there was an issue with the product or not, more here.

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Give people explicit permission to join groups ¶
In the events that I help organize, I try to solve this problem by giving people explicit permission to join new groups of people. In the introduction of the event, I tell attendees their job is to meet people and make friends. They are supposed to join groups, battle past that awkward silence that occurs when they do, and have a great time with new people
This solves one side of the equation, making a…

“I had a great experience! It was just by coincidence that I dropped in. Everyone was welcoming.” – Jose Espaillat
No issues, no problems
“Very happy with my Buick. It’s a good quality car. Everyone at HGreg was very helpful. Good experience!” – Carlos Messir
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“Great car, great salesman and incredible deal!!!” – Yerry Treminio
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