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The Wizards will resume play on Saturday when they take on the revamped Raptors at home at 7:00pm. Toronto, now with Kawhi Leonard and minus DeMar DeRozan, is coming off a 113-101 win over the Celtics on Friday night, while the Wizards will look for their first win after losing on a last second shot on Thursday to the Heat, 113-112. Leonard, however, will not play due to rest on a back-to-back. Game Info

We analyzed 56,000 data points on 2000 ecommerce websites. Learn which ecommerce platform loads the fastest and delivers the best mobile user experience.

Paula Aguila successfully argued that a trial court’s order denying a motion to dismiss based on a forum selection clause should be reversed.

The Holmes Report is partnering with Group Gordon on a webinar that explores whether — in an era defined by politicization and polarization — it's possible (or even advisable) for brands to just watch from the sidelines.

Back in 2002, the city of Medellín, Colombia, was known as the murder capital of the world. Almost a third of the city’s deaths were homicides, a rate of 185 per 100,000 people. During the 80s and 90s, drug cartels had made the city – Colombia’s second largest, and home to around three million people - almost a no-go area, and a byword for violence and bloodshed
But nearly two decades later, the rate of murder and violence has dropped drastically, and Medellín…

Invasive and retargeted ads are turning some people to ad blocking. Surveys indicate that users are increasingly finding digital ads to be too intrusive.

Google has been researching and developing autonomous cars for nearly a decade and while public opinion is still divided about them, it seems that they could be just around the corner
But what will the world look like with driverless cars? The truth is that nobody can say with any degree of certainty what it will look like in 10 years’ time. A price point hasn’t been set, regulations haven’t been laid out by governments and despite thousands of test hours on roads…

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You know something is seriously wrong with current drug laws when a discussion about the issue brings together nearly 2,000 people in one place. That’s what happened when I visited Sydney’s magnificent Town Hall for the launch of Fair Treatment, a new campaign that seeks to improve access to treatment for the more than 200,000 Australians that struggle with addiction issues, but find it impossible to…

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A BIG Thank you to our Sponsors who have already committed to supporting the Miami Veterinary Foundation mission to increase access to veterinary care, promote responsible pet ownership, strengthen the human animal bond and support reduction of pet overpopulation in our community, by supporting our 14th Annual Vets Fore Pets Golf Tournament
We Continue to welcome new sponsors to our roster!
Our golf…

The Wizards’ season opener came down to the wire, with the team ultimately falling 113-112 to the visiting Miami Heat in dramatic fashion.

This year has truly flown by – it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was at Verbier with the family over Christmas talking about our New Years’ resolutions and how I wanted to get unbelievably fit so I’m ready for a trip into space
I’ve always made lists of things I want to achieve – it helps me track my progress. But to-do lists are only useful if you actually do the things on your list. So I made a note on…

The rail service is looking at a far-reaching overhaul after a year fraught with delays and cancellations.

Did you know that one-fifth of Americans recently reported that they work in a hostile environment? And disturbingly, that may not be as surprising to discover in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. According to, a hostile work environment occurs when there is “unwelcome or offensive behavior in the workplace, which causes …

We surveyed Canadians to find out their levels of trust in organizations, leaders and industry segments.

For many people travel is just as much about the journey as it is the end destination, but whatever your view on getting from A to B everyone wants to arrive in a vibrant and welcoming place
With everyone spending so much time on their screens it can be easy to immerse yourself in work emails or social media, even when you’re out on the road. So how do Virgin Hotels encourage chance encounters and personal connections in their properties?
The Commons Club…

PR account extends Office Depot's broader relationship with WPP agencies.

Unity’s co-founder sets up Blurred with Weber Shandwick’s Stuart Lambert and former colleague Katy Stolliday as partners.

The past five years have seen 4,400 people killed and 200,000 people injured in work zone crashes, truck-involved or not, but the trucking figures from FHWA are daunting.

The Innovation SABRE Awards - North America returns to San Francisco in 2019, celebrating groundbreaking creativity in digital marketing and PR.

With the season beginning Thursday, the writing staff broke down six key questions heading into 2018-19.

Supporters of a performance royalty on AM/FM radio have said they’ll work to make life difficult for broadcasters until the industry begins paying the fee. The latest evidence that strategy