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Are Long-Haul All-Electric Trucks a possibility? Trucking companies are exploring alternatives for the future of long-haul trucking. Read more on

Long Haul Trucking, based in Albertville, Minnesota, returns to the Mid-America Trucking Show this March 27th – 29th. Stop by Booth 31650 to talk to Long Haul Trucking recruiters.

The U.S. has a chronic shortage of truck drivers — by one estimate, the trucking industry is short almost 50,000 drivers. If that number doubles as predicted, shipping disruptions will ensue.

In the ever-connected world of smart devices and intelligent cars, there are helpful trucking apps that can help any traveler along their journey

Tesla says it will show us a world beating semi-truck this September - something the industry believes impossible. Commercial long haul trucking is all about ec

Backbone provider XO claims it is the first US operator to build an inter-city 100-gigabit fiber network — other carriers have performed the fe...

The ride-hailing app’s freight unit, 3 pct of revenue in 2018, is a growth focus as it prepares its IPO. Connecting shippers to carriers has potential but there’s a driver shortage. Uber already offered incentives. As elsewhere at the firm, the costs of expansion could spiral.

Walmart’s at it again. The world’s largest retailer is reportedly looking to have driverless trucks perform the middle leg of long-haul journeys – depot-to-depot – with human drivers taking the last mile of local delivery. This piece in Mother Jones suggests 2m truckers in the US may find themselves out of a job as a result. Of course, as in Europe, across the pond they are beset by a severe ...

If you want clients to recommend you to others, stay in their lives well after the transaction. Here are tips to earn their loyalty.

Oil company job cuts that cost machinery operator Drew Sanford his spot at Halliburton Co. are shaping up as a boon for truckers desperate for ...

After enduring dozens of long-haul flights, I’ve become a bit of an expert when it comes to staying sane and healthy while getting from here…to way over there. Here are eight hard-won t…

For a growing number of professionals an extreme commute is a lifestyle choice, not always a last resort.

As you start racking up the miles, keeping up with a comprehensive car maintenance checklist will keep your car on the road for many thousands of miles.

By Erin Richey On a long stretch of highway, a semi-trailer sends a message to a trucking company that the truck’s refrigeration unit is warming up. Before the temperature in the trailer has a chance to affect the product being transported, the company notifies the truck driver of where to get [...]

TRIDEX TRUCKING LTD.9565 152A Street Surrey BC V3R 8E7 requires three Full time/ Permanent long haul truck driver to join operations immediately.We welcome and encourage Youth, New immigrants...