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Today's Scripture Reference: Hebrews 10:14, Hebrews 10:15-17, Hebrews 10:22 Welcome to WakeUp, a morning scripture with your morning coffee. Enjoy Pastors Sc...

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This weekend, we took a break from our Rooted series to celebrate MLK weekend and reflect on the issue of racism our country is still dealing with today
If you ask anyone in the U.S. about racism in this country, most people would probably agree we’ve had a really extreme past. However, if you ask people whether or not they think racism exists in this country today, the responses you get might be a little more mixed.…

I love to travel, but I also love my dog. Before I discovered RVing, these two facts were constantly at

Bruce Lee at the 1967 Long Beach Tournament. Best with headphones on. The music is by Smooth Genestar track name is Void City Arrival.

House Budget Committee chair Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) called for a ban on teens wearing MAGA hats, in response to what was likely fake news.

East to West Gilbert Fest, The Falls Event Center (Gilbert, AZ), 4635 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, Arizona 85234, Gilbert, United States. Mon Jan 28 2019 at 06:00 pm, Celebrate Chinese New Year and Gilbert’s relationship with its sister city in Leshan, China, at Gilbert Sister Cities’ annual East to

attacker and you could not run away
Wing Tsun is a concept-oriented martial art. Although Wing Tsun has its very own economical techniques that have a certain structure designed to cut off the long way taken by another fighter or attacker, many of the principals can and often have been used by other styles!
The idea of Wing Tsun is very specific for self-defense. There is no provision for power as the primary emphasis in doing techniques and there is no provision to…

What do you do when your kids’ friends don’t respect your house rules?

Instead of addressing causes through philanthropy, a new generation of founders is baking social good into the very fabric of their businesses.

Welcome to our Beauty Bar Special Edition. Below you'll find some of our favorites and we hope they'll become your favorites too!

Are we headed for a normalization of trade wars, or will leaders find a way to cooperate? Two trade experts give their take.

You know those kids who put ketchup on everything? Yeah, they’ll flip for this tangy popcorn.

What are the pros and cons of small personal loans? Pros of a small loan: lоw соѕt, vаrіеd uѕеѕ, source оf fіnаnсе, flеxіbіlіtу, lоwеr interest rates, planned repayment, perfect for emergencies, convenient, eаѕу availability, numerous oрtіоnѕ and they sаvе tіme if apply online.

Google “brain games for kids” and you can find apps, board games, puzzles, phonic fun, improvisational games—the list goes on and on for all ages in a billion dollar market. But questions remain: do toys and games improve thinking or IQ, or do they just make a child better at playing the games?

Today's Scripture Reference: Hebrews 9:9 Welcome to WakeUp, a morning scripture with your morning coffee. Enjoy Pastors Scot and Jason Anderson from The Livi...

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The Oregon law, the template for many other states, takes a restrained and responsible approach. Neuroethics column by Phil Boffey for Brain in the News

The Brookings Institute reports that in the US, Millenials are projected to make up as much as 75% of the workforce by 2025.

'As Yuval Harari put it in his book Sapiens, history continues to move "slowly in the direction of global unity”.'

(By Carey Green) You not only have to compete with the podcasts in your niche or industry, you also have to compete with the latest-greatest serialized drama and the funniest new comedy show. Here's how you can stand out in the crowd.

The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas: where unparalleled luxury meets the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip. This sophisticated escape is a non-gaming oasis at the cen

Learn all about our ATF (automatic taping and finishing) tools featuring the AMES MudRunner®! To get more information about our tools and rental services, vi...

Traditional Oak Panel Bed with Low Panel Footboard - Cal King Size - various finish colors - designed and built in the US