African Methodist Church

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United Methodists talk about their role in the Hispanic/Latino caucus, working to bring more voices to the church.

Mother African Zoar United Methodist Church was a stop on the Underground Railroad, a school, a clinic, a loan office and so much more to its community in the 220 years it has served those in Philadelphia.

Churches in the Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Church participate in a partnership that has dug 100+ wells in Mozambique.

Susan Angeline Collins was a Methodist missionary who established a school for girls in Angola in the early 1900's. Collins was a trailblazer in The United Methodist Church.

The people of The United Methodist Church are putting our faith in action by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Archivists share best practices and cost-saving measures to help local churches preserve the past and share their stories.

In the Traditional service at Trinity, we celebrate the grace of God through prayer, hymns, and our wonderful Chancel Choir. We believe our congregation beco...

United Methodist bikers are modern circuit riders, reaching out to the unchurched and covering miles for Christ.

Some members of Wildwood United Methodist Church in Florida gather for Bible study at a tattoo parlor and have religious symbols permanently placed on their arms.

For some, summertime means heading to one of Methodism's best kept secrets, a spiritual oasis at the beach in New Jersey. On Christmas Eve and Easter, some United Methodist churches in Missouri give 100% of the offering to missions including water proje...

United Methodist churches host paper dolls of the duo that founded the denomination, and learn more about their lives and work.

Preserving the rich history of African Americans in the church is the goal of the African American Methodist Heritage Center.

The sacrament is such a common part of our worship that its uncommon richness can get lost. Learn more about The Lord's Supper.

United Methodist volunteers make toys for kids in hospitals, shelters, Ronald McDonald houses, or low income areas.

A United Methodist church member created the Costumes for Kiddos shop for those in homeless shelters and after-school programs.

Methodists in the Victorian era had a special version of communion cups. Learn the secret behind the slant. This feature was produced by United Methodist Communications.

Meet the Methodist woman behind the holiday. Anna Jarvis was mad when Mother's Day turned commercial. ‘How lazy can you be to buy somebody else’s sentiments for your mother?'