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Appleton Appleton™ Contender™ CPS Factory Sealed 20 Amp Pin and Sleeve Receptacles Contender™ CPS Factory Sealed 20 Amp Pin and Sleeve Receptacles provide explosionproof protection for stationary or portable equipment in hazardous, damp or corrosive locations. It features delayed action construction; to operate, insert plug to first stop, move Slide-Lok™ slide to the right and push plug fully forward to energize. The Contender CPS meets all…

It's time to keep warm and fed with these 50 soup recipes from around the world! We've collected delicious recipes for international favorites like pho, minestrone, and miso as well as a handful you may not have heard of

As thousands sign up to "gambling blocks" on two apps, one ex-addict talks about how it helped him.

Garden landscape designer and writer Mark Lane is the UK’s first disabled presenter to join the long-running BBC Gardeners’ World team. He was born spina bifida and has myalgic encephalopathy, both of

Chrissy Steltz' face was shot 11 years ago, now doctors have given her a new one. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News ► www.youtub...

SunSHINE® Effects, based on synthetic mica (INCI designation Synthetic Flourphlogopite), offer unmatched quality and performance in cosmetic applications.

How much would it cost to end poverty in America? Experts have estimated anywhere from $1.74 trillion to a measly few billion for specific programs. But it's very difficult to visualize how much that is — it always sounds like an exorbitant sum, no matter how you slice it.

A study of the world’s top 100 brands (determined by brand value) analyzed each brand’s logo and found the following in this infographic created w/ Marketo.

In a Nutshell: In 2010, the Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union was struggling. Staff morale was low, its finances were in bad shape, and its outlook was bleak. But when current CEO Daniel Weickenand came on board, he took the challenge as a chance to implement major improvements, including rebranding to Orion Federal Credit Union, …

Sun Chemical has released its Fall 2018 Regulatory Newsletter for customers and has made it, along with all other regulatory newsletters over the past five years, available online for download.

Dr Kirsty Liddiard is a disabled feminist and public sociologist researching disability, sexuality, gender, embodiment and childhood.

The 2018 Future Health Index analyzes data and conducts interviews with leaders that are making value-based healthcare happen around the world...

I have a good job which I enjoy, but in a bustling office I feel entirely alone. Employers need to tackle this, both for work performance and for people like me

Do you have that one friend that only calls when they need something? We all do, and this is how customers can feel when you’re only asking them to buy

ATX™ FELED Series Nonmetallic LED Luminaires are easy to install, easy to maintain non-metallic linear fixtures. It is available in either a standard or an emergency battery back-up version. The FELED is ideal for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 locations and provides 2,000 to 8,000 lumens to fit a wide variety of applications. They maintain the same look and feel as our fluorescent fixtures and are easily to retrofit as they utilize the same footprint and mounting accessories.

Designers find a place for the pooch, a solution for reading in bed and a creative way to nix the need for a headboard

Are you working as effectively as your extremely successful peers? If not, there's something you can do about that.

We've been low-key enjoying the work of LA-via-Chicago rockers Young Jesus for a few years now, and we liked The Whole Thing Is Just There — their first album for storied Omaha label Saddle Creek — so much that we named them a Band To Watch. Today, the album is streaming in full, and we invite you to have a listen. Young Jesus are an ideas band. Back when they were based in the Midwest, their style hewed closer to emo-revival formalism, but…

Sanctuary Choir sings every First Sunday at Asbury Church in Shepherdstown WV, - Check out our website at or like us on Facebook or fol...