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Mom is often the first to get props when it comes to raising the kids, but let's not forget to give Dad credit where credit is due. The Top 10 dads in the animal kingdom will go to great lengths when it comes to parenting. Meet the lion.

As summer brings about celebrating the strength and inspiration of our dads, who’s better to help you bring this appreciation to life than some of your favorite musicians? Beyond the songs we get to revisit and treasure from across their respective catalogs, you’ve got a chance to see each of them live this summer! Check out …

Maybe you’re a first-time homeowner who is looking to put your personal stamp on your new abode. Or you may be thinking of putting your house on the market and want to enhance the property’s curb appeal. Or perhaps you are just tired of your home's current look and want to give the place a well-deserved facelift. Whatever your reasons for considering a small or large landscape overhaul, you probably don’t want to waste your efforts on costly, time-consuming, and aggravating mistakes. Here…

This is a Young Chang Console Piano for sale at Amro Music in Memphis, TN. For more information and more pianos please visit us at: www.amromusic.com

This is a Pramberger Console Piano for sale at Amro Music in Memphis, TN. For more information and more pianos please visit us at: www.amromusic.com

This is a Pramberger Console Piano for sale at Amro Music in Memphis, TN. For more information and more pianos please visit us at: www.amromusic.com

Barnhart and Strate Line, Inc., a crane service based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, have reached a definitive agreement under which Barnhart will purchase Strate Line. Strate Line offers operated hydraulic cranes from 30 tons to 175 tons and operates in Idaho, Montana and Washington State. The purchase

Power outages can be a major inconvenience. Here are 10 reasons to consider if you're thinking about purchasing a home generator of your own.

LOCAL AUTHOR - Andrea of Andrea's Cooktales!
Andrea will be doing a demo & will have her new cookbook available for purchase. Check out her website here:

We asked professional carpenters to pass along some of the tricks and tips they've learned after years of pounding thousands of nails into just about anythi

Millan Hupp, Pruitt’s former director of scheduling and advance, told House Oversight Committee staffers last month that the Oklahoma businessman had provided Pruitt's family with the coveted tickets.

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk found out he was officially being replaced by the Trump administration when he saw a press release announcing the news.

I find myself more impressed than anything by EPA head Scott Pruitt’s venality. Sure, the man is corrupt. But he’s corrupt in ways no one had ever even conceived of before! The man’s unflagging creativity in graft is inspiring, in its gross way, and his drive is something to behold. For the rest of us, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to pursue everything that Pruitt is accused of pursuing for himself. His scam is untiring, and I’m honestly in awe.

The Iguanas from New Orleans perform live at Levitt Shell, Memphis, June 17, 2010. Special guest is Jim Spake, tenor sax. Sign up to receive monthly schedule...

UPDATE : This story was updated on 6/14/18 at 1:38 pm Last fall Anthony Spaniola discovered a white foam had washed up on the shore of his family’s cottage

Hope 2 Hire provides education, job training to inmates who will need employment to re-enter society.

Volunteer Odyssey and I Love Memphis make it super easy for you to help the city you love by publishing a monthly list of easy, fun ways to volunteer in Memphis. Here are nine ideas for June 2018. …

A federal judge in New York has ruled that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has violated the federal Clean Air Act by failing to curb ozone air pollution that blows into Connecticut and New York from the west.

Former federal ethics chief Walter Shaub said Thursday that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt should resign, calling the EPA chief "fundamentally unfit" for public office.

Pruitt faces multiple oversight investigations for his first-class travel, security costs and other expenses.

Visual list of Category 5 hurricanes from the past 50 years , rated by damage done to humans. Our Human Impact Index factors in hurricane data such as deaths and wind speed to give us a quick overview of how much damage hurricanes have done over time.

An Irish pub & restaurant nestled in Cooper-Young, the heart of Midtown
Memphis, Tennessee. A place for great pints & whiskey selections, inspired
comfort food, live music, and live soccer matches.

More and more Republicans are turning on the scandal-plagued EPA administrator.

A demoralized workforce watching as its agency is dismantled by the very people charged to lead it: That is the grim state of affairs depicted by John J. O’Grady, a longtime employee in the Chicago field office of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is tasked with protecting the nation’s air and

" Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause." Isaiah 1:17
In Shelby County, 49% of all children under 18 live in families headed by a single parent. Children who live in single parent households tend to have greater behavioral and emotional problems than children who live in two-parent households. This risk is even higher for children who have lived with a single parent since birth. While many single parents are trying to do…

Some great cars have bitten the dust over the past few decades, but not every car stays dead forever. From the Acura Integra Type R to the Nissan 240SX, here are 10 cars we'd like to see get resurrected. Read on to find out if your favorite discontinued car made the list.

Watch the official trailer: In her accomplished and exciting career, Lady Gaga has conquered everything from stopping hearts and shocking the world on award shows, to flying high above Super Bowl halftime. This Fall, she makes her most serious and exciting leap yet – skyrocketing onto the silver screen as the lead character of Ally …