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Senior Communities
Catholic Charities Senior Communities develops and operates affordable, supportive communities for older adults with a resolve to nurture a spirit of purpose, wellness, and harmony among both our residents and colleagues.
Catholic Charities has been managing senior communities for over 35 years. Catholic Charities owns and operates senior communities in Baltimore City, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Garrett

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Volunteer with Gallagher Services
Our volunteers and donors are very important to our guests and residents. We thank them every day. If you'd like to get involved, give us a call (our number is in the left column), follow the "volunteer opportunities" link, check our wish list, read more about the Otenasek Scholarships, make a

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The homeowners had their basement finished in previous years but they did not realize that they would suffer from incoming water to their basement and inevitably the destruction of their livable space.

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This homeowner had an old dehumidifier that was not keeping the relative humidity at acceptable levels. It was installed inside a wall with a closet and slop sink. She wanted a better unit and still have her living space available.

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This past weekend, my husband and I moved from the 94-year-old home we've been renting in the Berkeley Hills to a 58-year-old home around the corner. I have

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LONG ISLAND, NY – Have you ever seen a random streak of light shoot through the heavens on the way home from work or noticed the so-called “Long Island Devil” peering through your windows at night? Sure, it’s not an everyday occurrence for the Average Joe – and it certainly sounds frightening – but for […]

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Question: Can cavities be spread through saliva? Answer: It’s likely common knowledge that illnesses such as the flu and the common cold are contagious. But many parents might be surprised to find out the bacteria that causes cavities is also contagious, and can be passed along through saliva! As a parent or caregiver, this […]

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