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As a medical student, do you ever wonder what it’s like to specialize in interventional radiology? Alex Ding, MD, shares what it’s like to work in a hospital-based practice.

Mission Possible! Wesley Kids VBS will take place August 6-10. Volunteers are needed to make this a successful and FUN event! Sign up in the Gathering Area or call the church office 417-883-1021, for more information
This Week's Prayer Requests
Ed Harris, Charles Bauer, Mary Kennedy, Sue Armstrong, Don Cox, Tara Rasmussen, Joan Hanson, Helen Kruckemeyer, John Essman, Gayle Wiles, Janice Smith, Barbara Reed, John Betts,…

There are many reasons to choose a career in nursing. Here are five of them.

Picture yourself in a college classroom the day after a midterm exam. The professor stands before the class, lambasting your classmate Aaron for his ...

All athletes must complete online registration and provide an up to date physical (winthin 13 months) to the nurses office before tryouts.
If you have questions or need assistance with registration, please contact the athletic office.
Robert Maloney Jr. - Athletic Director

Cats – with all their mysteriousness and adorableness and softness – have served as muses for some of the most brilliant writers in the world for centuries. Some notable examples, amazing pictures, and charming quotes from 30 of the best kitty/writer combo deals.

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One of many great free stock photos from Pexels. This photo is about togetherness, trust, unity.

Don't put off self-care for later. Later will never come. We have to make time now for what's important, and self-care needs to be you priority.

Washington, D.C. A defiant Randi Weingarten told a panel of sympathetic Senate Democrats this week that public-sector unions are not withering in the face of a recent Supreme Court decision that declared mandatory dues unconstitutional. “What we are seeing is an amazing sense from our members that they are sticking with the union. Something has […]

The KIND Foundation and Making Caring Common present KIND Schools Challenge high school winners Rubia Fernandes, Luiza Barbosa, and Jenna Agnone, 11th graders from Medford High School.

With all your responsibilities, it's hard to fit in a daily workout. Learn how to find time to exercise and maximize that time.

An arms race of sorts is happening in apartment complexes here in New England. The weapons of choice are exceptional connectivity, services and experiences. Today, due to the relatively short supply of consumers and their higher expectations, the usual doorman, pool and gym in your apartment building won’t cut it. Typical amenities now include a …

How do you see the shapes growing
case one case two case three
Build case 1,2,3,and 4 with the tiles.
Describe what you see happening with this shape. Use words, pictures, and numbers to describe what’s happening with the pattern. Try to explain the growth in 2 or three different ways.
Complete the table for the design.
Tell what the 100th case in this pattern will look like. Draw a model of the 100th case.
Tell what the nth case of this pattern…

Workers are recommitting to unions because they see an economy that has been manipulated by corporate lobbyists, Bieber writes

The third annual Malden Chamber of Commerce Super Bowl, a fundraising bowling tournament, took place Thursday, June 21, at Town Line Luxury Lanes.A total

Becky Slightom is the person you see at the start of a roadwork zone—the one directing traffic and keeping workers and drivers safe. She's a flagger, but

This is going to be an exciting day! On Saturday July 28, Alpha Krav Maga Boston will be running our next environmental training at the Crystal Springs Trail. We will meet at the Colonial Park Elementary School located on 30 Avalon Rd, Stoneham, MA 02180. Class will begin at 9am and will finish at 10:30am. This will be the only adult class being taught on the 28th, so please try to attend
The Environmental Training is designed for you to take what you…

Taking a vacation soon or within the next few months? If that’s the case, then it’s time to start planning your packing situation! Sure, dep...

Massachusetts K–12 Computer Science Curriculum Guide
This guide helps school districts choose the computer science (CS) curricula that best suit their communities’ needs. The guide was developed as part of an initiative for school districts to accelerate the creation of classroom opportunities for learning CS that are standards based, high quality, career relevant, and accessible to all students at all grade levels.