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You use your teeth to talk, chew, and smile. WebMD gives you some other "teeth facts" you probably didn’t know about your pearly whites.

The key to obtaining more clients is knowing the differences between what you can provide and how you can deliver results.
This article explains how obtaining more clients begins with marketing your results rather than your services.
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As technology continues to automate the simple and routine tasks in the accounting profession, to stay relevant and competitive, best-in-class firms are leveraging workflow technologies to expand their businesses by offering Client Accounting Services (CAS). Join Mike Sabbatis, CEO of XCM and Michelle Ryan, Partner at Adam, Brown, Beran & Ball to learn how the firm is utilizing workflow technology to manage CAS work and staffing while improving efficiencies and utilization rates. Objectives:

With strong organizational support, your hard-working employees have a fighting chance to become your next great executives.

Those that take risk and go beyond their comfort zones are more likely to see success earlier in their careers.
This article discusses how professionals can embrace the challenges of failure to ultimately find success.
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A server is a big investment for small businesses, so learn how to take care of it and recover data if necessary.

I've been a RocketTheme subscriber for almost 5 years. I continue to renew my membership because I'm constantly blown away by the beauty of their designs, their attention to cutting-edge design techniques and their stellar customer service. I love how I can easily customize their templates to suit my clients' needs and I can quickly and easily use the same template to make distinctive websites. I'm not thinking twice the next time I need to renew my subscription - it's a no brainer…

This article discusses why family businesses should talk about and plan for the unexpected.
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Stacked away in filing cabinets, organized perfectly by section and preserved with the utmost care by staff at the McPherson Public Library is Linn

Following up is the key to running a successful business. In the professional world, everyone is busy and just trying to keep everything afloat. Not to mention, life also happens. It’s easy to over…

As the blockchain revolution begins, businesses are finding new ways to implement the technology into the products or services they offer. This article discusses ways that blockchain will eventually change your business, and why your business should be prepared for the blockchain revolution. To view this article, click the following link to access the original …

At 82 years old, Shirley Henderson only learned how to swim two years ago.

As a business leader, motivating employees starts with understanding their workload and doing everything possible to keep your workforce happy. This article explains why keeping employees happy through commitment and creativity should be a top business priority that will lead to sustained success. To view this article, click the following link to access the original …

On December 22, 2017, President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) into law. This law provides sweeping changes to the tax landscape in the United States and has had taxpayers and accountants alike analyzing and discussing what this ...

Under CEO Mary Barra, General Motors is racing to embrace electric cars, autonomous vehicles — and a radically different climate for automakers.

You have hear the phrase, "Give the customer what he or she needs or wants."
As a business owner, you know that is true and so you focus on providing goods and services that meet those needs. You

The illustrated guide that gives you 10 tricks to appear smart in meetings

Gear Up for Fall Sales Event. Take advantage of great savings and financing offers from John Deere.

The new Netflix crime documentary series Making a Murderer is about Steven Avery, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for eighteen years for a crime he didn't commit, freed, and then arrested for mu

Over time the monetary system of the United States, as well as the world in general, has evolved. What may have started out thousands of years ago as a bartering system changed into what we us…

Cybersecurity attacks are a new norm, and business leaders must employ cyber resilient tactics to protect important information. This article explains 4 important steps your business can take to increase cyber resilience. To view this article, click the following link to access the original content. disruptionhub.com/business-cyber-resilience/

Simply put, a strong HR department will ensure that your organization’s long-term well-being is safe and steady.

When it comes to the workplace, teamwork is an important part of any organization's ability to accomplish goals. However, creating an effective team is not easy. Based on a survey from McKinsey & Company, 65 percent of those surveyed mentioned that trust was an important factor when creating an effective team.

Most businesses can attribute success to the amount of traffic their website generates, but actually getting people to your website can be challenging. This article discusses tactics small businesses can use to generate more traffic and ultimately more success. To view this article, click the following link to access the original content. www.entrepreneur.com/article/311774

Instead, find a CRM that can scale to your business’s customer data needs by following a few guiding principles. Start with the basics

For many writers, the toughest part of the process is getting started. Factors such as procrastination, doubt and a lack of confidence can all stand

One defense strategy in particular is gaining popularity: Two-thirds (66 percent) of CIOs reported using multifactor authentication processes, such as tokens and biometrics. This is up 25 percentage points from a similar survey in 2015.

The AICPA requested guidance and made recommendations, with illustrative examples, about nine broad issues related to the changes to Internal Revenue Code Section 274.

You messed up, but you're still here. What you do next will shape your success and happiness for years to come.

While most businesses grow by beating out the competition, some businesses have instead created a larger target market that holds more opportunities. This article explains why you should consider a five-step approach to creating new markets instead of challenging with competition. To view this article, click the following link to access the original content. www.inc.com/martin-zwilling/5-steps-to-growing-your-business-without-competing.html?cid=landermore …