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Finding and retaining millennial talent will help small businesses compete with bigger businesses.
This article discusses how small businesses can attract millennials, and why hiring millennials is the right move for small businesses.
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Although family businesses boost the economy and make up more than fifty percent of the nation’s GDP, they struggle to survive past the second generation.
This article discusses a few ways family businesses can thrive through multiple generations.
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The traits of an effective leader mirror the traits of effective software UIs in many ways: We must strive to communicate simply, show consistency, prioritize, and display effective error messaging.

The publishing world is historically one of fads and trends. They descend upon the market like storms, altering the landscape. Ten years…

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A merger or acquisition is a complicated affair—and organizational change can be one of the most challenging aspects. But when it comes to corporate culture, there doesn’t have to be a clash. Here, community bankers who’ve been through it offer their words of advice.

Leaders must facilitate many groups. Whether you're facilitating a retreat, focus group, breakout session, or innovation meeting, here's 11 ways to success.

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Stacked away in filing cabinets, organized perfectly by section and preserved with the utmost care by staff at the McPherson Public Library is Linn

At 82 years old, Shirley Henderson only learned how to swim two years ago.