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This article discusses why family businesses should talk about and plan for the unexpected.
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Stacked away in filing cabinets, organized perfectly by section and preserved with the utmost care by staff at the McPherson Public Library is Linn

Following up is the key to running a successful business. In the professional world, everyone is busy and just trying to keep everything afloat. Not to mention, life also happens. It’s easy to over…

As the blockchain revolution begins, businesses are finding new ways to implement the technology into the products or services they offer. This article discusses ways that blockchain will eventually change your business, and why your business should be prepared for the blockchain revolution. To view this article, click the following link to access the original …

At 82 years old, Shirley Henderson only learned how to swim two years ago.

Under CEO Mary Barra, General Motors is racing to embrace electric cars, autonomous vehicles — and a radically different climate for automakers.

Gear Up for Fall Sales Event. Take advantage of great savings and financing offers from John Deere.

TAX DEADLINE FOR INDIVIDUAL RETURNSThe 2018 tax filing deadline is quickly approaching so our team is working hard to ensure your return is complet

Just about every company has its pack rats who keep every scrap of paper or electronic document that comes past them as well as other employees who ca

As another busy season is in full swing, we'd like to take a moment to express our thanks. At SJHL we are truly blessed with incredible clients, aweso

Do you find your hair looking dull and lifeless when it once used to look luscious and bouncy? Can you feel the moisture slowly seeping out of your tresses?